Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Do One Thing a Day that Scares You

So like...remember a while ago when I wrote this post about the Olympic weightlifting class I was taking at PISE, and I was all woohoo, I'm so excited and stuff?  All I have to say is I'm seriously crapping myself now.  Getting sooooo nervous for the first class on Thursday night...I'm taking this class by myself and I have no idea what to expect.  Will it be full of super fit people and then me?  Will I drop the barbell on my head?  I know it sounds weird but I have horrible gym anxiety...you'd think with the amount of working out that I do that I'd feel right at home in a gym environment, but it's in situations like this where all the feelings of physical ineptness as a kid comes out and I freak out.  I'm sure I'll be fine (it always is!) and I'll probably just love the classes...but this is really coming out of my comfort zone.  This blog is about documenting my journeys through life and right now I'm documenting that I am totally and completely shitting myself.

Girding loins now and thinking to myself "suck it up, Wong!"  Will report back after class!


Still Running said...

Exciting! Probably they wouldn't call it a "beginner" class if it was all experienced lifters + you. Good luck!

Char said...

If it's a class then there'll be a teacher. And if there's a teacher you're going to have to follow all the safety measures or he/she will be liable to be sued. Therefore you won't drop anything on your head. And if you do you can sue!

Karyn said...

I totally can relate to the “gym anxiety” and am super happy for you that the class ended up being fun and informative (and not scary). :)