Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

To do list is finally done!  I'm sure I sound like I'm a bit whack, but I was trying to get all this stuff done before the clock ticked over into 2011 because I wanted to start the new year off fresh - no niggly unfinished things nagging at me.  Must be the Chinese-y part of me coming out...for Chinese New Years, we're supposed to do a really good cleaning of the house to get rid of any bad luck that may have accumulated during the year...but avoid any cleaning the first few days of the new year to avoid sweeping away the good luck.  No fear there...we're doing the Resolution Run tomorrow morning and then I'm plunking myself on my butt all day and reading travel books - we're going to Hong Kong at the end of January!  Can't wait, I tell and shopping in an incredibly culturally rich environment....just my kinda place!

As I start looking forward to 2011 and my impending trip, I couldn't help but reminisce about 2010.  2009 was a recovery and rebuilding year as I tried to get my head on straight after being in an incredibly stressful and turbulent job, so 2010 felt like the first year in a long time that I felt like I was being true to myself and that I was doing things for me.  It was the first year in a long time - if ever - that I felt balanced.  So all in all - 2010 was a good year!

So with that, I'm looking forward to 2011 and what it brings - happy new year to you all!  Cheers to a happy and healthy 2011!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

TPC Final Weigh In - And the Results Are...

Can I just start off by saying that I'm sooooooo glad that the TPC is finally over?  Ha!  I got up this morning and was so tired from yesterday that I could barely work out and I was so, so, so incredibly sore from bootcamp.  I had multiple stops and starts and finally decided OK, snap out of it - just get 'er done...the sooner you finish, the sooner you can weigh in and the sooner you can have a TREAT.  That seemed to do the trick as I managed to pump out a good long cardio session.  I tell ya, I'll do anything for food.

Once I was done, I headed off to the studio.  As I was driving, I was thinking awww man...I know I didn't make the goal and now I'm going to have to stick my tail between my legs and tell everyone in bloggieland that I failed.  As I walked in, I said hi to everyone and shucked off as much clothing as possible while remaining somewhat decent and stepped up on the scale.  I had to giggle as the weigh in scene from the Biggest Loser popped into my head...I could picture Allie saying "Cindy, and your current weight is..."  all the while the annoying beepbeepbeep that the stupid scale makes was ringing in my ears...

Eight pounds total lost.  Gaaaah!!  So close.  SO CLOSE!!  As I saw my $150 flutter away and I started to feel like shite and a failure, I looked down and saw the actual number on the scale and it kind registered.  Wow.  Hey.  That's actually not too bad.  Eight pounds in eight weeks...that's pretty damn effing awesome if I do say so myself, especially during Christmas!  And I did make my main goal of not gaining weight during December and am going to start off 2011 healthy and in the best shape of my life.  I don't think I could have worked out any harder or eaten any cleaner.  Dammit...I'm actually kinda proud of myself!  Ha ha, I scoff at you Failure - I laugh in your face!

As soon as I walked out the door I called Hubs to tell him the news...and then stuffed a huge piece of banana bread in my mouth that I had packed with me because believe me, I was starving.  Ravenous.  Like I would have eaten durian if it was put in front of me.  The banana bread tasted like pure heaven as I scarfed it down.  Aaaaaaaand afterwards...well, the studio just happens to be next to my favourite store in the whole wide world Lululemon...and I treated myself to a pair of Wonder Under tights that I'd been coveting for a while.  Wheee!

So next steps?  I'm taking off the next few days and am going to enjoy myself, and I mean really enjoy myself...and then back to clean eating starting next week. Am I glad I did the TPC?  You bet.  It was hard and not a whole lot of fun some days - but it was totally worth it.  2011, here I come!

PS.  Thanks to you all for the support and helping me to be accountable...couldn't have done it without y'all.  XO

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TPC The Night Before Weigh In - Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease

OMG, am I ever tired.  I got up bright and early to head out to bootcamp this morning - and holy crap did the trainer kick our asses.  Like stomped on our butts...we did cardio pretty much the whole class and it was brutal.  Stairs, hills forward, hills backwards, sprints...OK, if I can't have Jillian Michaels, my trainer Christina is a pretty good facsimile.  She rocks.

After I got home I started in on my to do list - I'm sure it's not surprising to know that I'm a total list maker - I have to have lists for everything, in part because I love the feeling of crossing things off my list, in part because I'm a bit (OK a lot) anal...but mostly because in my old age I'm starting to really get forgetful.  So after a few days of chilling and doing pretty much nothing, my itch to dododogogogo started and I made a huge list of to-dos for myself - mostly which included cleaning the house from top to bottom.  I organized, I sorted, I scrubbed - no dust bunny was left unvacuumed!  I started at 8am and just finished now, almost eight hours later. I love the feeling of a clean, tidy house...and I'm hoping I burnt off a kajllion calories in the meantime as I was up and down the stairs (we live in a three level house) constantly...a built in stairmaster.  Ha! am I feeling the night before the weigh in?  I don't think I made the I posted yesterday, my weight is up from a week ago likely because of extra carbs and such eaten during Christmas.  Am I upset?  At first I was and I was whining to Hubs...and he said at least we didn't gain any weight, right?  And wasn't that really the goal?  That Hubs...such a wise sage. 

Anyways, the last chance plan is to do a final workout tomorrow morning, try to avoid drinking too much water and jet myself down to the studio to weigh in.  And...after I find out the results, a cupcake might just somehow land in my mouth.  Totally by accident though.  Heh.

Look out tomorrow for the results!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ten Goals for 2011

Whew.  Can't believe Christmas is over...and we're just a few short days away from 2011.  Yikes!  I've been pondering my goals for next year over the last while and was keeping a rough list in my daytimer that I kept adding to and deleting from...but I think I've finally come up with a list that I'm pretty happy with.   I'm definitely a goal driven type of person so really found that setting goals last year helped keep me on track - and of course, posting them on my blog helps to keep me accountable.  So here goes - my ten goals for 2011:

  1. Run a marathon - SURPRISE!  Betcha didn't see this one coming, right?  Ha ha!  I hate unfinished business and it still really upsets me when I think how close I was to knocking this one off my bucket list.  I am determined to do it this year.
  2. Incorporate more weights into workouts - after I finished training for my almost-marathon, I was completely shocked at how my muscle tone and strength levels totally went to hell.  Sure, I could run until the cows came home...but I was jiggly, soft and weak.  I could barely do pushups and I was so incredibly sore after the first few bootcamps that I did in the running off-season.  I've been doing more weights recently and have noticed a big difference in muscle tone and overall strength so I'd like to keep this up.  And of course, more lean muscle mass means more calories burned at rest.  Yes! 
  3. Maintain a consistent weight - this goal is two-fold...lighter means faster when it comes to running, and I feel best when I'm at my goal weight.  The first step to this goal was doing the Ten Pound Challenge - hopefully starting 2011 at my goal weight (and if I don't make the goal weight by Dec 30th, I'm going to continue until I do), and maintaining that weight throughout the year.  No more yo-yoing!!!  My biggest challenge will be balancing my food intake when I'm training for the marathon again - I need food/carbs to keep my energy levels up for the long runs, but I really want to avoid the marathon weight gain that I put on this year. 
  4. Eat mindfully - instead of saying "no dairy", "no eggs" or "no junk food" which isn't a positive way to look at food, my goal is to eat more mindfully and really think about what I'm putting in my mouth (and consequently what Hubs is putting in his) and making sure it's balanced from a multitude of perspectives - particularly carb/fat/protein breakdown, balancing food sources (see goal 5), being mindful of sustainability and balancing clean eating/treats.    Doing the Ten Pound Challenge really made me see that food is the key - I can exercise until the cows come home, but I can't exercise away a bad diet.
  5. Start Meatless Mondays - yippeeee! A cooking challenge. Even though I think a lot of Hubs' cholesterol issues are due to his carb intake, I'm sure cholesterol from animal sources isn't helping the issue. this a reason to buy some more cookbooks?  Heh.
  6. Write in my gratitude journal daily - 2010 was an epic fail for this, so I'm trying again.  When I started it last year, I found that it really changed how I viewed things and I started thinking more positively overall...and it became easier to focus on the good stuff rather than the shitty stuff. 
  7. Volunteer - I've talked about this a few times this year, but I'm going to go for it in 2011 and do my part to give back to the community.
  8. Keep up with supplements - yep, I'm a bad, bad girl.  I was doing really good at taking supplements up until maybe the Fall and then I totally fell off the bandwagon. Gaaah!  We ran out of stuff and never got around to stocking up so I got out of the habit.  I found it really made a difference in how I felt so I'd like to make sure I keep this up.
  9. Read 15 books - Hubs bought me a Kobo for an early Christmas present, and I loooooove it...looooooooooooooove it!!  *in Oprah voice*  I've been reading a bit every day and really enjoying getting back into books again.
  10. Be more aware of finances - even though I'm an accountant and good at looking at how an organization runs their finances, I will admit I don't pay enough attention to how my own finances are doing, namely in how my stuff is invested.  Every year I think I'll get on top of things but I tend to get lazy and just leave things in the hands of my financial planner.  Hubs and I did take a first step this year and had an assessment done of where we were at in terms of retirement and other long term financial goals, so I'd like to take it to the next level and take a more active role in working on our financial goals and making sure we reach them.
Alrighty - these are now posted in the permanent record of the interweb.  2011, here I come!

PS.  Weigh in is in two days - got on the scale today and it's not looking so great for the ten pounds - where is Jillians Michaels when I need her?!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Signing Out For Christmas Break

Wow...can't believe Christmas is only a couple of days away!  I think we're ready - it's been a busy, crazy, hectic time, so I'm really looking forward to chilling during the Christmas break and taking 'er easy.  Hubs and I are done all the gift shopping, and headed out tonight to fight the crowds at the grocery store to pick up all the fixings for Christmas dinner.  I love cooking for other people so actually look forward to this every year and am testing out a few new recipes and a new method of cooking the turkey - am I crazy?  I've been doing it for so many years and have turkey dinner down to a science, so I might live to regret this...but I'm willing to give it a whirl anyways.  So here's what's on the menu:

Turkey with gravy/cranberry sauce
Ham with mustard sauce
Mashed garlic po-ta-toes
Homemade stuffing (new recipe)
Brussel sprouts sauteed with garlic
Baked sweet potatoes
Turnip puff
Glazed maple carrots
Celery root puree (new recipe)
Raspberry semifreddo (new recipe)
Rice (this is for my dad, who just doesn't feel happy unless he eats rice for dinner)

I'm super excited to test out making stuffing from scratch - I admit, I've done Stove Top the last few years and it's been less than stellar.  We used to buy this fabulous Fletcher's frozen stuffing but it's not available that stuff was tasty!  I was sad when we couldn't find it anymore.  Anyways, look out for some new recipe postings over the next while - I've heard the semifreddo is fabulous, and I've discovered a few to die for cookies while doing the Christmas baking that I've been meaning to share with everyone (including the recipe for the most fabulous peanut butter cookie ever - no lie).  Before we have this feast though, Hubs, my FIL and I are going out for a good long run on Christmas morning...gotta work off some of the semifreddo, right?

So with that, I'm signing out for the Christmas break - wishing you all a wonderful, happy Christmas with your loved ones.  Peace out, homies!

Monday, December 20, 2010

TPC Week 7 - Looking at the Bright Side

All I can say right now is bleh.  This weekend I was down and out either with food poisoning or the stomach flu and it was a doozy.  Not sure what happened but I couldn't keep food down or in...yes, yes TMI!  Anyways, as I lay at home recuperating, Hubs said that I should look at the bright side - not eating for two days and totally dehydrated means I'm probably at my 10 pound goal.  Ha!  Too bad the weigh in wasn't today.  I unfortunately missed my staff party which I was pretty bummed about - they're usually a lot of fun and the food sounded fabulous.  Anyways, I'm back on track and feeling better.  So far I'm holding on through the final stretch and just willing myself to get through until Dec 30th and then Hubs and I are going big on New Year's Eve!  We keep talking about what we're going to eat - I think that's the only thing keeping us going.  Well, that and $150.  Heh.

Anyways, this post is short and sweet and not much of an update.  So to spice it up, I thought I'd add a little clip from one of my fave shows, How I Met Your Mother.  Barney Stinson is a god.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. OK, whose bright idea was it to try to lose weight during Christmas?! I kid, I kid...sorta...hee hee. I'm sure once I'm past the crunch time and done the weigh in on the 30th, I'll be happy that I didn't pack on the usual winter coat I gain every December....but right now, man it's effing hard. I'm not doing too badly with the stuff like chips and cookies, but the eating out is killin' me! We've got dinner parties this Friday and Saturday, plus three Christmas lunches next week to get through...sometimes there's nothing really healthy on the menu, or it's really hard to resist temptation especially for a foodie like me. Hope I survive relatively unscathed!
  2. I sent the package off to my adopted soldier...yippeee! I emailed the organizer to let her know I'd sent the package out earlier this week, and she sent me back a really touching email thanking me. She then added that it would give hope and happiness to the recipient as they faced their next challenge - my soldier was being shipped out in the next few weeks to weed out Taliban insurgents in a really violent and volatile area of Afghanistan. I gotta admit, I got really verklempt thinking about these men and women who are out fighting on the front lines away from family and loved ones while we're here nice and safe in the comforts of our own home. Kind of puts things into perspective when I think about the trivial things that stress me out...these brave people are doing a job that so many of us would never do, or even think about. Anyways, I just really really hope that he gets the package before he heads out on his next mission.
  3. I don't know if I've turned into a huge crybaby or if it's this time of year that makes me like this, but I swear everything is getting to me...for the love of Pete, I was crying my eyes out while I was watching the Biggest Loser finale this week (you go Ada!)! Anyways, there was this story in our local paper that made me bawl my face off really touched me and was a good reminder to be thankful for what we have and to not forget to help those who are less fortunate...which is so easy to do when we're so busy with the season and get wrapped up in our own worlds.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ten Goals for 2010 - Year in Review

Whoa...can you believe that 2010 is almost over?!  Honestly, it feels like time has whizzed on when I think of the Olympics back in February, it seems like ages ago but it seems like just yesterday at the same time.  I'm sure this is a sign of getting old.  Anyways, I wanted to check back in on my goals for 2010 and see how I did.  Did I achieve all my goals?  Kinda? Sorta? Maybe?  Wait no longer, bloggie friends... 
  1. Run a marathon - well, OK we all know what happened with this one...nope, didn't make this goal but I'm gearing up for Marathon Quest 2011 and am hopefully taking all the right steps to get there injury free.  The positives?  I learned a ton about running, got in the best shape of my life cardio-wise and learned a lot about myself in the process.  I didn't actually run the marathon itself but's all about the journey and not necessarily the destination, right?
  2. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon - le sigh.  Another running goal not accomplished - hit a 2:02:44 at the Goodlife close but no cigar!  I'm hoping with the weight loss through the Ten Pound Challenge, I'll be faster and break the sub 2 hour barrier next year. 
  3. Wear a bikini in Hawaii - WOOT!  Nailed this one.  And it wasn't even all that bad!  I wasn't super comfortable with baring my middle aged body to the general viewing public, but people didn't run screaming off the beach either.   
  4. Pay attention to my health i.e. allergies, headaches - rocked this one.  I've significantly reduced the amount of dairy in my diet and it's made a big difference particularly with my skin.  I had a huge patch of excema on my forehead last year which has completely cleared up without any cortisone.  Sold.
  5. Run 10K in sub 55 minutes - oh yeah, baby!  54:17.   
  6. Think of what I'm grateful for every day - epic fail.  I did this for maybe the first two months faithfully and then fell off the grateful bandwagon.  Definitely bringing this one forward for 2011.
  7. Read one book a month - done, done and done!  I've finished a whopping 13 books this year...I'm really glad to get back into reading as it is definitely something I really do enjoy.
  8. Eat clean i.e. no dairy or eggs - I would say I did pretty well on this one.  Definitely not perfect, but for the most part, I've cut back a lot on dairy and eggs and have noticed signficant improvements in my skin, energy levels and tummy bloat. 
  9. Get my back in shape - doing awesome with my back - I was at my RMT last week and she said definitely noticed a decrease in knots so whatever I'm doing, to keep it up.  My physio is also liking what she's seeing and - knock on wood - I haven't had a major "outage" in awhile - last biggie was Sept 2009.  So happy!  I've been working a lot with my chiro, RMT, physio and throwing in yoga in there.  Oh, and standing up straight and watching my posture.  Heh.
  10. Eat more veggies - we've made a concerted effort to really bump up our veggie intake so I'd say we've hit this one.
So...not bad, not bad at all!  I'm pretty happy with how I did for 2010 - didn't make all my goals, but gives me something to strive for in 2011.  Look out soon for my goals for next year - here's looking forward to a happy and healthy 2011!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

TPC Week 6 - Oopsie Daisy

Eighteen more days and three more Christmas dinners to get through...must remain strong!  This week was a tough week to get through...lots of eating out opportunities and I was busy after work most days so only managed to get in four workouts this week.  I need to ramp things up!  This week should be better, but we've got Christmas dinners to go to on Friday and Saturday this week and it's hard to say no and munch on carrots when everyone around you is eating delicious food.  Case in point - we had our annual block party last night.   Our cul de sac is new, so everyone all moved in around the same time back in 2004.  The first Christmas we all decided do a progressive party, so each house would do a different course along with some type of drink.  It was a great idea as we were all secretly nosy so wanted to go through each other's houses to see what everyone else had done.  Ha!  This started an annual tradition, so every year we do our house to house party and it's a total blast.  Some years things are tame, some years there've been all nighters pulled until 5am and some pretty green faces the next morning!

Last night was no different...we'd morphed the party over the years so now we serve nibblies and drinks and one house hosts the potluck.  Holy should have seen the spread at dinner!  The host cooked up a storm, plus each house brought a  I'm sure as you can tell by my blog title...I did fall off the wagon a bit.  I kept things under control - I had one helping on a side plate but oh, what a side plate it was!  The food debauchery I was OK with, as we haven't used all our free meals and I kept the portions small....but let's just say I may have overindulged a wee bit in the alcohol department.  I started the night off with a crown and ginger, continued on with wine and then ended it with tequila shooters and tummy definitely didn't feel so hot this morning when I woke up from mixing all that alcohol!  Anyways, going to stay strong and keep on track.  Just two more weeks to go!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Heard the News Today Oh Boy...

It was thirty years ago today that John Lennon was taken from us far too early.  RIP John.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gait Analysis - And the Results Are In....

I am beat.  Last day off of my glorious four day weekend...and it was nonstop!  I've been baking pretty much all day and I'm wiped.  Got up bright and early at 5am for bootcamp and it was a toughie.  They've introduced using tires into the routine - yep, tires!  It's actually kinda amazing how you can work out with practically anything and the tires were tough.  We had to hold them above our heads and run up and down a hill and I tell ya...I can feel my arms right now.  After bootcamp I headed home to get showered up/grab some brekkie, and went out to get stuff for my adopted soldier. I bought lots of treats like candies, cookies, chips, etc...and as I stood in line it felt like everyone was looking at what I was buying and thinking "whoa...what a terrible eater!!"  I'm sure they weren't, but I'm just paranoid like that.

After I got everything for my soldier, I toodled off to my gait analysis - I was suuuuupper excited because it's my first step to getting that first marathon under my belt.  It was pretty cool - I went in and the PT who did the analysis did a brief explanation and put all these wireless sensors on my body.  He started off by putting ones on my knees, ankles, hips and legs to get a starting point for how I normally hold my body, and then took the sensors off my knees, ankles and hips and left the rest.  I then did a slow walk on the treadmill and then sped up to an average 10K run pace.  Unfortunately, the poor PT had to do this three times because they had done some work on the computers over the weekend and whoever it was had changed some settings so it would mess up the readings...argh!  Third time was the charm though, and we got the readings.  As we were going through the set up, I told the PT about all my issues so he had an idea of what to look for.

After I got off the treadmill (at this point I was sweating like crazy, as I was running for a long time due to all the technical difficulties!), the PT went over the report with me and it was really, really interesting.  My right side is stiffer and I have a very late pronation - everyone's foot pronates to some degree, and I'm practically out of my stride when my foot pronates.  The big one is that I have extremely weak hip external rotators, which kinda makes sense.  I'm also slightly pigeon-toed in my stride, which probably wouldn't be the case if my hip rotators were strong.  The PT tested this out by having me lie on my back and pushed my leg in and outward while I tried resist.  I had no problem with stopping him from pushing my leg into my body, but when he pushed my leg away - it was like pushing over a feather!  He felt that this is likely the key...strengthening my hips would stop my stride from rotating inward and striking on the outside of my foot - that plus the stiffness and late pronation is all contributing to my right foot issues. The other comment he made that was interesting was that my body type is really flexible (confirms what my regular PT and Mr. Podiatrist Man said), but not naturally very strong and any strength that I did have was built up over time.  So what this means is that I'm naturally a weakling.  Ha!  Do I hear another physical challenge on the horizon?

Anyways, for anyone who is considering a gait analysis, I'd recommend it for sure.  You get a report at the end, so I'm taking that to my regular PT and getting her to work with me next year to strengthen my weak points.  MQ2011, here I come!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

TPC Week 5 - Silly Season

Man, is anyone else finding that they're totally on the gogogo with the holiday season here?  I took an extra extra long weekend this week to get stuff done and I'm finding I'm still not done everything I want to get done...I still have dozens and dozens of cookies I want to bake, gifts to wrap, gifts to buy, a house to decorate, a Christmas dinner to plan, cards to send, parties to go to and people to visit.  Yowza!  And of course, blog posts to write...and I just remembered that I haven't updated my Holiday Booty Buster Challenge spreadsheet since the first day so I've got to get on that too.  Oh le sigh.

I guess my point to that little spaz was that I'm finding it hard to fit in the workouts along with all the holiday stuff.   And because I'm so busy and kinda distracted, I'm finding the last few days I'm not being quite as careful with what I'm eating - while I'm not cheating (I did some baking today and didn't even sneak a butterscotch chip!), I'm getting lax on making sure my meals are balanced and am starting to get into the carb heavy foods again, and not watching my portion sizes.  Must get back on track....December 30th isn't that far away, and there are a lot of overindulging opportunities between now and then that could derail me.  Imma gonna have a little talk with myself to make sure I stay on track!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursdays

1.  Cans for Comments

Looks like Cans for Comments is taking off and there are a few other blogs out there that are taking part!    So feel free to leave comments as many times as you like on any posts new or old...please help me help the needy!

2.  Days Off

I am sooooooo excited - I've got an extra long weekend coming up which is awesome....I've got so much stuff to do now that the holiday season is underway.  I started a to-do list today and I keep adding to it - gah!  The biggest thing on the list - Christmas baking!  I love to bake, so I'm looking forward to getting down to business and testing out a ton of new recipes.  Now for quality control purposes, I'll have to taste test the recipes before I give them out - yes, such a hardship I know - but I'll try to keep it under control and not go crazy!

3.  My Adopted Soldier

Last year on a website that I frequent that shall remain unnamed, I heard about this program called the Chosen Soldier.  Basically, you "adopt" a Canadian soldier that's been posted overseas in Afghanistan and send them goodies for Christmas - I did this last year and it was so much fun I decided to sponsor another soldier again this year.  It was really neat because my soldier emailed me to say hello and send his thanks - so very cool!  I figure it's the least that I can do for those folks that are out on the front lines and who are away from their families at Christmas.  Now what to buy, what to buy....