Sunday, December 5, 2010

TPC Week 5 - Silly Season

Man, is anyone else finding that they're totally on the gogogo with the holiday season here?  I took an extra extra long weekend this week to get stuff done and I'm finding I'm still not done everything I want to get done...I still have dozens and dozens of cookies I want to bake, gifts to wrap, gifts to buy, a house to decorate, a Christmas dinner to plan, cards to send, parties to go to and people to visit.  Yowza!  And of course, blog posts to write...and I just remembered that I haven't updated my Holiday Booty Buster Challenge spreadsheet since the first day so I've got to get on that too.  Oh le sigh.

I guess my point to that little spaz was that I'm finding it hard to fit in the workouts along with all the holiday stuff.   And because I'm so busy and kinda distracted, I'm finding the last few days I'm not being quite as careful with what I'm eating - while I'm not cheating (I did some baking today and didn't even sneak a butterscotch chip!), I'm getting lax on making sure my meals are balanced and am starting to get into the carb heavy foods again, and not watching my portion sizes.  Must get back on track....December 30th isn't that far away, and there are a lot of overindulging opportunities between now and then that could derail me.  Imma gonna have a little talk with myself to make sure I stay on track!

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