Monday, December 13, 2010

Ten Goals for 2010 - Year in Review

Whoa...can you believe that 2010 is almost over?!  Honestly, it feels like time has whizzed on when I think of the Olympics back in February, it seems like ages ago but it seems like just yesterday at the same time.  I'm sure this is a sign of getting old.  Anyways, I wanted to check back in on my goals for 2010 and see how I did.  Did I achieve all my goals?  Kinda? Sorta? Maybe?  Wait no longer, bloggie friends... 
  1. Run a marathon - well, OK we all know what happened with this one...nope, didn't make this goal but I'm gearing up for Marathon Quest 2011 and am hopefully taking all the right steps to get there injury free.  The positives?  I learned a ton about running, got in the best shape of my life cardio-wise and learned a lot about myself in the process.  I didn't actually run the marathon itself but's all about the journey and not necessarily the destination, right?
  2. Run a sub 2 hour half marathon - le sigh.  Another running goal not accomplished - hit a 2:02:44 at the Goodlife close but no cigar!  I'm hoping with the weight loss through the Ten Pound Challenge, I'll be faster and break the sub 2 hour barrier next year. 
  3. Wear a bikini in Hawaii - WOOT!  Nailed this one.  And it wasn't even all that bad!  I wasn't super comfortable with baring my middle aged body to the general viewing public, but people didn't run screaming off the beach either.   
  4. Pay attention to my health i.e. allergies, headaches - rocked this one.  I've significantly reduced the amount of dairy in my diet and it's made a big difference particularly with my skin.  I had a huge patch of excema on my forehead last year which has completely cleared up without any cortisone.  Sold.
  5. Run 10K in sub 55 minutes - oh yeah, baby!  54:17.   
  6. Think of what I'm grateful for every day - epic fail.  I did this for maybe the first two months faithfully and then fell off the grateful bandwagon.  Definitely bringing this one forward for 2011.
  7. Read one book a month - done, done and done!  I've finished a whopping 13 books this year...I'm really glad to get back into reading as it is definitely something I really do enjoy.
  8. Eat clean i.e. no dairy or eggs - I would say I did pretty well on this one.  Definitely not perfect, but for the most part, I've cut back a lot on dairy and eggs and have noticed signficant improvements in my skin, energy levels and tummy bloat. 
  9. Get my back in shape - doing awesome with my back - I was at my RMT last week and she said definitely noticed a decrease in knots so whatever I'm doing, to keep it up.  My physio is also liking what she's seeing and - knock on wood - I haven't had a major "outage" in awhile - last biggie was Sept 2009.  So happy!  I've been working a lot with my chiro, RMT, physio and throwing in yoga in there.  Oh, and standing up straight and watching my posture.  Heh.
  10. Eat more veggies - we've made a concerted effort to really bump up our veggie intake so I'd say we've hit this one.
So...not bad, not bad at all!  I'm pretty happy with how I did for 2010 - didn't make all my goals, but gives me something to strive for in 2011.  Look out soon for my goals for next year - here's looking forward to a happy and healthy 2011!

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