Thursday, December 2, 2010

Three Things Thursdays

1.  Cans for Comments

Looks like Cans for Comments is taking off and there are a few other blogs out there that are taking part!    So feel free to leave comments as many times as you like on any posts new or old...please help me help the needy!

2.  Days Off

I am sooooooo excited - I've got an extra long weekend coming up which is awesome....I've got so much stuff to do now that the holiday season is underway.  I started a to-do list today and I keep adding to it - gah!  The biggest thing on the list - Christmas baking!  I love to bake, so I'm looking forward to getting down to business and testing out a ton of new recipes.  Now for quality control purposes, I'll have to taste test the recipes before I give them out - yes, such a hardship I know - but I'll try to keep it under control and not go crazy!

3.  My Adopted Soldier

Last year on a website that I frequent that shall remain unnamed, I heard about this program called the Chosen Soldier.  Basically, you "adopt" a Canadian soldier that's been posted overseas in Afghanistan and send them goodies for Christmas - I did this last year and it was so much fun I decided to sponsor another soldier again this year.  It was really neat because my soldier emailed me to say hello and send his thanks - so very cool!  I figure it's the least that I can do for those folks that are out on the front lines and who are away from their families at Christmas.  Now what to buy, what to buy....


Nicole said...

I had never heard of this cans for comments before this year, but this is such as awesome idea, I'll be visiting as many blogs as I can :)

Cindy said...

awesome!! Thanks from me and the Mustard Seed! :)