Sunday, December 12, 2010

TPC Week 6 - Oopsie Daisy

Eighteen more days and three more Christmas dinners to get through...must remain strong!  This week was a tough week to get through...lots of eating out opportunities and I was busy after work most days so only managed to get in four workouts this week.  I need to ramp things up!  This week should be better, but we've got Christmas dinners to go to on Friday and Saturday this week and it's hard to say no and munch on carrots when everyone around you is eating delicious food.  Case in point - we had our annual block party last night.   Our cul de sac is new, so everyone all moved in around the same time back in 2004.  The first Christmas we all decided do a progressive party, so each house would do a different course along with some type of drink.  It was a great idea as we were all secretly nosy so wanted to go through each other's houses to see what everyone else had done.  Ha!  This started an annual tradition, so every year we do our house to house party and it's a total blast.  Some years things are tame, some years there've been all nighters pulled until 5am and some pretty green faces the next morning!

Last night was no different...we'd morphed the party over the years so now we serve nibblies and drinks and one house hosts the potluck.  Holy should have seen the spread at dinner!  The host cooked up a storm, plus each house brought a  I'm sure as you can tell by my blog title...I did fall off the wagon a bit.  I kept things under control - I had one helping on a side plate but oh, what a side plate it was!  The food debauchery I was OK with, as we haven't used all our free meals and I kept the portions small....but let's just say I may have overindulged a wee bit in the alcohol department.  I started the night off with a crown and ginger, continued on with wine and then ended it with tequila shooters and tummy definitely didn't feel so hot this morning when I woke up from mixing all that alcohol!  Anyways, going to stay strong and keep on track.  Just two more weeks to go!

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