Sunday, March 23, 2014

Hen Party

You know sometimes when the thing that you need the most, comes along at just the right time?  That happened to me today.  I admit...I've been pretty stressed the last little while with all the stuff going down my mom.  It's a weird thing to take the role as the parent all of sudden, and the realization that your parents are growing older and won't be around forever dawns on you.  I guess sometimes as we grow older and get busy with our own lives, we forget that our parents too, are growing older as well.  Anyways, that combined with dealing with some people's idiocies this past week (grrrrrr!) and a persistent headache that just wouldn't go away not matter what I did...I felt exhausted and wanted to hole up at home and shut the whole world out.

This morning I got up to start my usual weekend cooking routine and was just getting into it when I heard my phone ping.  All of sudden, my phone went crazy...pingpingpingping!  I picked up my phone to check it out and two of my oldest friends were messaging back and forth and had looped myself and another friend into the conversation.  Now these friends are some of the very oldest friends I have...I met these guys thirty years ago when I was fifteen, and somehow through marriages, babies, rough times and just the overall hectic thing we call daily life, we've still kept in touch.  Anyways, the planets aligned today because even though getting us all together at the same time is like herding cats, we were all free and around our phones when someone threw out the words "anyone wanna go for brekkie?" 

Now even though I was knee deep in cooking and the kitchen was a disaster, I realized that this exactly what the doctor ordered.  Hubs is amazing and is so supportive, but sometimes you just need time with your girlfriends, so I dropped everything and headed out the door.  I know!  For those that know me personally, I am incredibly anal (and borderline OCD) about tidiness, so to leave the kitchen in a mess is a big ass deal. I sat there today and spent time with my fabulous friends, I could feel my batteries recharging and it was exactly what I needed to get on with the week ahead.  It was perfect timing and I loved how it was just so spur of the moment...somehow it just made it all that much better, like a really pleasant surprise.  So thanks E, C and'll never know how much it meant to see you all you guys!

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Char said...

Time with friends is much more important than a clean kitchen. And way more therapeutic.