Wednesday, December 21, 2011

HBBC Update

OK is anyone else looking forward to Boxing Day or is it just me?!   This holiday season has been incredibly, insanely busy and all I can think about is sleeping in and relaxing.  Every day there's been errands to run, tasks to cross off my list, lunches and dinners to go to, friends to visit and meals to cook - I'm so tired every night I swear I'm asleep before my head even hits the pillow!  And...with all the holiday insanity going on, I've been slightly remiss in blogging.  Eek!  But good news...I've been still keeping up with the Holiday Booty Buster Challenge...go me!  I will admit that last week wasn't stellar for fruits and veggies, but I've been kicking ass in the exercise department.  My bootcamp buddy D and I made a pact last week that we'd go to all bootcamps no matter what, and so far so good.  With all the yummy Xmas goodies about and all the eating out, we decided that we had to do something and the pact is perfect for forcing us to go as it's just a little too easy to jam out when no one is counting on you.  I actually never thought I'd hear myself say this but...I'm just about done with all the eating out.  Ha!

HBBC:  Dec 14, 7 points (60 mins bootcamp, F/V), Dec 16, 6 points (60 mins bootcamp), Dec 17, 6 points (10K run), Dec 18, 2 points (20 mins stationery bike and 20 mins weightlifting),  Dec 19, 7 points (60 mins bootcamp, F/V), Dec 20, 1 point (F/V), Dec 21, 6 points (60 mins bootcamp)

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lilmeg said...

You are rocking it! Good job!