Monday, December 5, 2011

NROLFW - Progress Report

OK, I've definitely bought into the weightlifting gig.  I'm starting Stage 1, Week 4 of the New Rules of Lifting for Women and I'm already seeing and feeling results.  A big part of the premise behind this program is that women should lift heavy...women don't have to worry about getting "bulky" and looking like some dude on 'roids, and using those little hot pink plastic two pound weights ain't gonna get you anywhere fast.  Each time I lift, I try to increase the weight just a tidge, and my upper body is already getting more defined and I'm losing the dreaded upper arm "batwing" jiggle.  I actually remember on marathon day feeling my arms shimmying and shaking like jello and thinking man, I gotta do something about that!  My legs are fairly muscular because of the running, but I can already feel and see my quads and hamstrings getting firmer and stronger.

I like it.  I like it a LOT.  Hmmm...I'm feelin' a new year's resolution comin' on.

HBBC:  Dec 2, 7 points (60 mins bootcamp, F/V), Dec 3, 9 points (14K/9 mile run), Dec 4, 3 points (30 mins bike, 20 mins weightlifting), Dec 5, 7 points (60 mins bootcamp, F/V)


lilmeg said...

Nice work! I LOOOVE lifting heavy. I've been doing it since 2000 actually. LOOOOVE. I like lifting light in classes like Body Pump though--if you haven't tried one, do it. SO much fun.

Cindy said...

oooh, just looked up body pump and it sounds interesting!! love it when exercise classes are done to music...