Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scotiabank Vancouver Half - Week 8 Recap

Soooooo tired.  They say that the Monday after daylight savings, there's a rash of car accidents and I can believe it!  I wasn't feeling too bad on Monday morning, but it's definitely catching up with me and tonight it's been a total struggle to keep my eyes open.  I think the early mornings the past few days plus the time change has really got me zonked.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day!

Sunday - 13K run/weights
Ooooooch!  Boy, were our legs sore after this run...both Hubs and I were trying to use the form that we are being taught in our clinic (Pose method) and we were using totally different muscles than what we normally use.  Most runners tend to overstride so use their quads to reach and pull themselves along, whereas with the Pose method you're using more of your calves and hamstrings to pump your legs up and down like pistons and use gravity to propel yourself along.  Easier said than done, and it really required a lot of concentration to remember all the little bits and pieces that we're supposed to be doing.  Due to all the overstriding, we've got super strong quads but our calves and hammies have been getting a bit of a vacation...so afterwards they were a wee bit tight and sore.  Anyways, it's been great taking this with Hubs so we can talk things through when we're not getting it and watch each other's form.  Hubs is naturally athletic (so jealous!) so it's been nice to be able to get his feedback as he's better at understanding the mechanics of it all than I am.

Monday - bootcamp

Tuesday - weights
Look, Ma...two weight sessions this week!  Took long enough but I'm finally getting in my two NROLFW sessions per week.  I'm about halfway through Stage 2 and still really enjoying the program.  The one thing that I've been really trying to make sure I do after all workouts (strength or cardio) is to drink a protein shake right after to help build/maintain muscle and aid recovery.  I've been a bit lax in this area (OK, a lot lax!), but have been reading a lot lately about how important it is to get that recovery drink in within a half hour of finishing exercise.

Wednesday - bootcamp
Crazy hills with J.  We did a 3K run mixed in with five repeats of a long, nasty hill.  Dang hills never get any easier.

Thursday - rest day

Friday - bootcamp

Saturday - run clinic
Awesome, awesome clinic day!  Slowly but surely, things are starting to click.  I'm getting better at the drills and feeling a bit more confident that I'm getting it and the muscle memory is starting to become ingrained.  Only four of us showed up this week which was actually kinda nice because we got lots of individual attention and feedback on how we were moving.  Marilyn spent a lot of time with me working on my upper body movements as I really tend to pull my shoulders up and swing my arms high (remember Phoebe from Friends?) and tried to work with me on my stability by holding my hips still while I did my drills.  I could not for the life of me get my right side to do what I wanted it to do.  As always, the right leg is the bum one, and I kept wanting to cross my leg across the midpoint of my body.  Gah!  I made an appointment with my physio and sure enough...right leg was tight so she worked on releasing the muscles.  Here's hoping that helps with this week's class!

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Char said...

You make me so glad that my state doesn't have daylight saving. I honestly don't get the whole concept. How can they save daylight - we have the same amount but they just call it a different number. And I get up early enough without having to put my clock forward another hour.