Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  Clinic
Whoop, whoop!  I've signed Hubs and I up for the advanced level of the Mindful Strides clinics...yay!  We wanted to get back into it before too much time passes and we forget everything.  I gotta admit, I've been really bad at keeping up with my exercises or practicing the moves and I can feel myself getting lax on my form during my runs....I don't want to lose it all as I know if I keep at it, the benefits will come.  Anyways, I'm a little scared because Marilyn videotapes us so we can see exactly what we're doing well and not well...gah!  I know it'll be good for us, so biting the bullet.   It's kinda like medicine, right?

2.  Too Much Pineapple
Oy vey.  So in a few weeks I'm going to be going to Chicago for a conference, so I bought some new clothes as it's going to be hot down there, but I still wanted something that was suitable for work.  Um...I must have eaten too much pineapple (or likely had one too many lava flows!) in Maui as stuff was not fitting well and the clothes I have now are a wee bit tight.  Sigh.  That's the danger with always wearing stuff with an elastic waist band or stretch, eh?  Ha!  Anyways...not letting it freak me out and strangely, I don't actually mind having a bit more junk in the trunk (Asian girls are somewhat reknowned for having non-existent butts!) but I thought I'd better get this under control sooner rather than later as I really don't want to do another Ten Pound Challenge because that really almost killed me the last time I did it!  Anyways, getting back on eating right, drinking my water and exercising, and hopefully it should take care of my chicken cutlets aka armpit fat.

3.  So Much to Do, So Little Time
There's so many things I want to try but so little time!  I want to take swimming lessons this year.  I want to work at improving my running, in particular my form and speed.  I want to build more muscle.  I want to take some personal training sessions.  I want to do P90X.  I want to do Insanity.  I need to work on my core more.  I want to do more yoga.  Choices, choices, choices!  So much coming at me all the time and I want to do it all.  Every year after my last Fall race I like to take a bit of a break from running and concentrate a bit more on strength rather than cardio so I'd like do do some kind of 60 - 90 day challenge between October and December but not sure what to do!  Anyone have any suggestions on programs that they've tried before?  Would love to hear it!  I've been eyeballing Shaun T's Insanity mostly because it takes no equipment other than my body weight (which is substantial, har har!) but it looks crazy.  Ideas?

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