Saturday, June 30, 2012

Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon - Week 1 Recap

ZOMG, I am so, so tired right now!  It's been a busy week and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the long weekend.  I think my body is trying to get used to the amped up training schedule so I feel way more tired than usual.  The human body is a pretty amazing thing and it always surprises me how it adapts and changes so quickly, so I think that this tiredness I'm feeling right now will get better after awhile as my fitness level gets better.
Anyways, here was week 1 of training towards a 1:50 half at the Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon (did you all notice the law of attraction thingie I just did there?):

Sunday:  Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon!!!
I've already blathered on long enough about the race, so I won't make you guys suffer any more.

Monday: rest day
Oy vey, my legs were so insanely sore the next day...specifically my quads...ow!  Even one of my bosses was teasing me about how I was walking.  I was glad that everything else like my calves, hamstrings, etc., actually felt pretty good but I think the downhills really trashed my quads.

Tuesday:  yoga
To give the legs a good stretch, I decided to go to yoga with a coworker and man, did it feel great.  Seriously, why do I not go to yoga more often?!  It feels so awesome! Anyways, afterwards my legs felt so much looser, and I definitely plan on yoga-ing more.  Promise.

Wednesday:  bootcamp in a.m./run clinic in p.m.
Ooooh...first double training day and I started questioning my sanity for thinking this was a good idea.  Ha!  Both sessions were with Jason, and we did hill repeats in both classes....bootcamp was hard enough, but at the run clinic we had to do 30 minutes of hill repeat after hill repeat after hill was pretty warm out too, and I gotta was really hard to keep going and I was sucking wind.  Thankfully it went by quickly, and I know hills are good for me so I'm sucking it's all the means to an end, right?

Thursday:  Mindful Strides clinic
Woohoo!  Had another a-ha moment...Marilyn did a new drill with us that really, really helped with understanding what we were supposed to be doing.  Normally I have a real difficulty with slamming my foot down (hence my foot problem earlier!) and this new drill really made me understand the feeling of bringing my foot up.  I love it when light bulbs go off in my head!  This week I felt so much lighter on my feet and on one of the strides that we did, I felt that perfect balance of running on my midfoot with little effort.   Now just to get that feeling while running a half marathon!

Friday:  bootcamp
Thank goodness for my good friend D!  We always check in with each other the night before bootcamp, and it really pushes me to go...what they say about doing stuff with a friend really IS true!  If I'd been left to my own devices, I totally woulda jammed today and regretted it later, so glad that D pushes me to go. 

Saturday:  very slow treadmill run
Hubs was going to do a 10K run on Saturday, but his foot has been bothering him since the run on Sunday so he decided to do a bike workout instead.  I was feeling really tired and wanted to give my legs a chance to recover from this crazy week, so I did a slow, slow, slow jog on the treadmill. 

Plans for this weekend?  Chores are 95% done, so the rest of the weekend will be some puttering at home and relaxing.  Can't wait until Monday, glorious Monday...we're sleeping in, taking a full rest day, making a pancake breakfast and chilling at home all day.  Ahhhh...SO can't wait.

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