Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Week Later

Today was a weird kinda day...all morning I kept looking at the clock and thinking "one week ago today, I was...."  Silly, I know...but I couldn't help myself.  One week ago at this time, I was having a sliver of pumpkin pie and apple crisp and desperately wishing that our guests would leave because I just wanted to go to bed.  Ha!  OK, if anything I'm at least truthful on this blog.  I'm feeling back to normal for the most part and not feeling as exhausted as I was earlier in the week, but going to go to the doctor sometime over the next week or so to check things out...I felt a little short of breath earlier today when I was doing a brief treadmill run, so going to the doc to make sure all systems are OK for my peace of mind.  I did go through a range of emotions last week about not finishing...I wasn't really thinking about the DNF as I was just so happy that I wasn't hurt, but as the week wore on, it started to niggle me more.  The thing that is really helping me to deal with it is that I'm more than this past race, and it just wasn't my day.  So, with that...going to move on.

So...once I get the thumbs up from the doc, what am I gonna do over the next while?  I'm easing back on the running for the next few months as we always take a break after our regularly scheduled Fall race, and moving to more strength training.  We'll still do our weekly runs but keep them around the 10 - 12K mark, just so we don't turn into total schlubs.  I've signed up for a tabata style workout class at the Pacific Institute of Sports Excellence, and will throw in some yoga and bootcamping.  Basically just going to stay active and just exercise for the joy of exercising (yes, I said joy....ha!).

Some great up this morning to track Marilyn as she was debuting at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon race, and she came in as the second Canadian woman!  I watched her round the corner on the live feed and she looked like she was pretty tired but had a smoking awesome time of 2:42:44, just missing the Canadian master's record.  So excited to see her do so well!


Hunnybee said...

Glad to hear you got plans.
Fingers crossed its good news from the Doctor!

Amy said...

I hope all goes well at the doctor. What a scary experience you had.