Saturday, November 3, 2012


So I was going to blog about a whole bunch of other things today after my little blogging hiatus, but there's something on my mind so I decided to just let my fingers do the talking.

Yesterday I found out that someone I know was killed in a car accident in New is the story about her, and when I first heard the news through the wonders of social media, I was in total shock.  I didn't know her well, but she was a good friend of my best friend at the time, way way back in the day so we would see each other at various social events.  Fast forward to many years later, and we bumped into each other at a birthday party.  It was funny because she looked at me and I looked at her, and we knew we knew each other but couldn't quite place from some point during the night we ended up talking, had a very pleasant chat where we got caught up and went on our merry way.  Now I know that she wasn't a close friend...heck, she was barely an acquaintance, but I found myself feeling incredibly sad to hear that she had been taken from us so young.  She had been competing in a triathlon in New Zealand, and I thought how horrible it was that someone so vibrant and obviously full of life was taken so quickly. 

A second story.  A very, very close friend of mine just hasn't been quite herself lately...normally she's a very cheery and happy person, and after some prodding and poking, she revealed to me that her husband has been dealing with some pretty serious health issues.  Obviously she's beside herself with worry and as much as I'm worried about him, I'm worried about her health as the stress is starting to manifest itself physically.

So why am I telling you these depressing stories?  These things highlighted the importance of telling people you care about that you love and appreciate them and that as shitty as you think have it, there is always something to be grateful for in life.  Instead of bemoaning all the things that we don't have, look at what we do.  There's been many times where I wish I'd taken the opportunity to say or do something and didn't, and come to regret it later on...things can change in a heartbeat.  The lesson in all this?  Live in the now and be grateful.

Some last words to live by...


Angie said...

Sometimes the reminders are whispered to us... and sometimes they are roared. As long as we hear them and remember to enjoy life for what we have (not what we don't have). Live each day and love often... the way to go.
Love ya sista!

Char said...

You're so right. I've had a couple of really crap-filled years but compared to what others have to endure it's nothing. And I've learnt that you have to focus on all the good stuff like relationships and health and even simple things like watching the sun rise. My chalk board has "Count your blessings not your problems" on it and it's a daily reminder on what to focus on.

Amy said...

This is so true - thanks very much for the reminder. It's easy to wallow in our own problems and forget the good stuff we have.