Friday, November 16, 2012

It Just Takes One

Yippeee...first day of my staycation!  Hubs and I are taking a week off to just hang about the house, get house-y type projects done that have been on the to-do list forever (our garage is insanity right now!) and generally chillax.  As you know we're big Hawaii buffs, so we decided to bring a little aloha to home...all next week we're eating things that we'd normally have when we go to Maui!  Kalua pork, ahi poke, macadamia nut pancakes and drumsticks...not the meat kind, but the ice cream kind!  Every time we go to Maui, we always make sure we get a drumstick from the corner store close to our condo and enjoy it as we slowly walk back...ahhhhh.

So seeing as it's the first day of vaycay and I'm pretty anal, I wanted to get as many chores out of the way today so we can spend as much time as possible doing fun stuff, and the first thing to knock off the list was grocery shopping.  I don't know what it was, but it seemed like every where I went, there was rude or crabby people.  I was unloading my grocery cart and some jerk actually cut in front of me in line.  I went to a bakery to get Christmas cake (Hubs and I love it, I admit it!) and when I asked the person behind the counter if they had any yet, it was like as if  I had asked her to sell me her first born child.  Then I had to stop at another grocery store to pick up something that the other store didn't carry, and when I asked a clerk for help, he scowled at me, walked away wordlessly and came back and handed me what I wanted without even looking at me.  WTF?!

I couldn't believe how rude and nasty people were being today, and at this point it was only 9am.  It's Friday, don't these people know you're supposed to be happy that the weekend is coming up?  I was quickly getting into a bad mood after this run of shittiness so when I saw that there was construction by my house and there was a delay, I thought oh great...what else would I expect and my mood turned even more sour.  But a funny thing I drove past the flagger, he gave me a big wave and smile and yelled out a bright and cheery "good morning!!" to me as I drove past.  I couldn't help but wave and smile back, and it immediately made me feel better...that one act of smiling and saying good morning completely negated three nasty encounters that threatened to ruin my day.  Just hammers home how something as small as a smile can really affect someone and their day.  It always astounds me when people are cranky or rude and feel it's OK to treat others like that...just because you're in a bad mood, doesn't mean you have to make everyone else in a bad mood too!  Sigh.

Anyways, thanks Mr. Flagger Guy whoever you made my day.

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Char said...

So it's not just Australia that has a monopoly on cranky, rude shoppers? Sometimes I go around amusing myself by mentally eliminating people who've annoyed me - and by eliminating I do mean the murderous way. It's kind of fun.