Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013 - Week 40 Recap

Carpe diem.  Today, the world is my oyster...Hubs was busy all day yesterday so I took the opportunity to get all the stuff I usually do on Sunday (weekly cooking, gobs of chores) done on Saturday, so today I'm gonna catch a little of what I like to call "Cindy Time".   What to do, what to do...hee hee.  We started off the day with a relaxed, leisurely's a gorgeous, gorgeous warm Fall day here in Victoria...such a contrast to last week where we had our first storm of the season, with gale force winds and monsoon rains.

view from my deck as I sit here and blog...what an amazing day!

yep, still in my shorts and flip flops! 

I sure as heck hope this amazing weather holds up next weekend...Goodlife Victoria Marathon is on, and the forecast isn't looking all that great, boo urns.   I'm a volunteer machine for this race...I think I mentioned before that I got the thumbs up to hand out the medals at the marathon (I cannot wait!!) but I also volunteered to help out at the volunteer night, help set up the finish line the day before the race, and will be working the full race day.  I'm so's a huge event for Victoria and it's going to be pretty cool to be a tiny little part of it.  Will make sure I capture as much of the day(s) as I can so I can regale you with all of my volunteer hijinx.  Heh.


Sunday:  strength/bike intervals
Oy vey, the intervals were hard.  I mean, they're always hard but it took everything in me to keep going.  The only word I can think to describe the workout was meh.

Monday:  treadmill
My bootcamp buddy D was sick so I decided to stay home and work it was gale force winds and pouring rain too. 

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: sick (booo!!) I know why I was feeling like such crap on Sunday.  I was feeling bone achingly tired on Monday and really off on Tuesday, and had this weird scratchy throat for days...woke up Wednesday morning with an awful, awful headache and feeling achy all over...every time I stood up the area behind my eyes would just throb.  No workout.

Thursday: rest

Friday: circuit
I was browsing around online to find some different class options now that our bootcamp is being cancelled for the winter, and came across this workout that looked really good so I decided to give it a go...

Kettlebell swing - 20
Pushups - 20
Goblet squat - 15
Push press - 20
Situps - 20
Burpees - 20
Walking lunges - 20 per leg
Bent over row - 10
Thrusters - 20
Side plank dips - 15 per side

Goal is to do as many rounds of this as possible in 45 minutes.  Confession time...I only did two rounds because I was starving.  It took me about 10 minutes per round and I was sweating bullets because it's pretty intense, but I looooooved it.  Will try and see if I can work may way up to 4 rounds in 45 minutes.

Saturday: strength

Pretty good overall but I think I've been feeling carb-y lately and have been indulging too much in healthy snacks.  Yes, whole grain crackers and hummus is healthy, but stuffing myself on them isn't the greatest.  Also had a realization about how much sugar really affects me since we've cut back a lot on the sweets we eat.  On Friday I threw all caution to the wind and had a soy pumpkin spice latte (with whip, people...egads!).  I rarely ever order coffee drinks like this because I don't like drinking my calories, but I always have one per year because a friend and I used to go for these all the time, and when she moved away it became a ritual to email each other when we had our first one of the season.  It was delicious, but later on that day my stomach puffed up like a balloon...I hadn't experienced this in ages since we started to eat clean...I would regularly get bloated and puffy because we were indulging ourselves in either salty or sugary foods.  I decided to look up the nutritional information and I was honestly shocked...

Based on a grande size soy pumpkin spice latte with whip:

Calories - 350
Fat - 12 grams (5 grams saturated)
Cholesterol - 25 milligrams
Sodium - 230 grams
Protein - 13 grams
Sugar - 41 grams

Forty one grams of sugar!?!  WTF?!  There's four grams of sugar in one teaspoon, so in that one drink I had over TEN TEASPOONS OF SUGAR.  No wonder I puffed up like a balloon...good thing I only have one of those per year. 

Sesame scented turkey meatballs with smashed chickpea salad, cauliflower pesto with linguine and a black bean ragout, all from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook.  The black bean ragout didn't turn out...for some reason there was a lot of water for the amount of beans, so by the time it would have taken to get rid of all the liquid, the beans would have been mush so I decided to turn it into soup, which is still delish.  Gotta roll with the punches!


Char said...

I hope your weather forecast changes for next weekend and ours stays the same (minus the few clearing showers - I'd be fine if they don't happen).

TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, I feel the same way about drinking my calories! I switched from the fru-fru drinks to coffee with flavored stevia. Glad you're feeling better!!!