Monday, September 30, 2013

2013 - Week 39 Recap

So it's probably not much of a surprise, but I'm a creature of habit...I like my routine, I like to know what's going on, I like having a schedule.  Last week I got thrown a bit of a wrench...looks like the morning bootcamps I've been going to for the past five years are going to be cancelled for the winter.  Not enough attendance and hard to find trainers to come out and teach at 5:30 a.m.  While I totally and completely understand why the classes are being cancelled, I'm the kind of person that reacts better to having someone tell me what to do.  Tell me to run hill after hill?  I'm there.  Ask me to do 50 pushups?  Cool.  Put me in a gym on my own?  I'm a befuddled mess.  So now that the PISE classes are no longer a go and morning bootcamp is out, I'm kind of in limbo as far as what the winter workout routine will be...long runs on weekends will still be key but other than that...well I guess the world is my oyster!  And maybe this is an opportunity to try something new, right?  I'm going to put this out there because...well, maybe if I put it out in the ether it might just happen....but I've been toying with the idea of trying crossfit.  OK, there, I said it!  A lot of folks at PISE are into it and a lot of our workouts were crossfit-esque and I loooved it...anyways, maybe one day I'll get up my nerve to enter a box and try it out.


Sunday:  Strength circuit

Monday: bootcamp
First bootcamp in almost three months!  Felt great to be back...we did some hills and a circuit, and overall I was pretty pleased that my cardio hadn't suffered too much.   Overall I felt pretty good  but my hip felt a little achy afterwards.  I had an appointment with my old physio, and she totally showed me some cool tricks to help keep my hip loose.  As she was working on me, she felt that something was stopping me from activating my left glute...she says the glute muscle is there but it's not firing for some reason and my movement is restricted.  It was amazingly cool...she released some of the fascia in my stomach (I do hold a lot of tension there) and immediately I could move so much better and was able to activate my glutes!  I was actually stunned, it was crazy how much it helped.  She seriously is amazing.

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: treadmill run

Thursday: rest

Friday:  bootcamp
Hurray!  Two bootcamps this week.  Definitely took it easy and didn't push hard...can't believe how much I missed it, so a little bit sad that October will be the last month until likely some time in early 2014. 

Saturday: 6K run outside
Farthest I've ran in months!  Glute felt great but Mr. Left Hammy was feeling a bit tight so I walked a bit at the end to make sure I didn't overdo things.  I was actually chuckling a bit on the run as I was thinking that two years ago, I was running 32K and not thinking that much of I can barely do 6K.  Darn injuries!

Overall, pretty good.  I found I was super hungry this week and a bit crave-y, so had to get that under control.

Chickpea burgers from Chloe's Kitchen

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Char said...

I just hate it when things that you rely on get changed. I hope you can find a really good substitute for your weekly workouts.