Friday, September 13, 2013

Catching Up

Oh hi!

Yes, I'm alive.  I know, I's been almost three weeks since I've posted anything but it's been crazy busy, honestly!  We were on vaycay for a bit and then things haven't really slowed down until now and I'm finally getting some time to breathe. 

So what's up, you ask?  Let's see...let's start with my broken ass problem.  OK, I'm going to tempt the exercise gods but I think...I think...that I'm finally on track and I'm on the mend.  I'd just been having so many issues with the butt and hamstring strains, but the thing that was really bugging me was the constant niggles and issues that were happening with my back and neck.  My back had been doing so well for so long and then it seemed like all of a sudden the wheels fell off the bus.   Anyways...I've been back to see my "old" physio a few times...I really like my new guy but she just has so much more history with me (I think I've been seeing her for about five years) and knows me like the back of her hand.  Plus the fact that I just plain old love her and think she's the most fabulous thing since sliced bread but I digress.  She's a big believer in cranio-sacral therapy...I know some people may think it's a bunch of voodoo hokum, but this stuff works!  At least for me.  It was all light touches that I could barely feel, but neck pain or hip pain today!  Well, I do have some residual achiness because she also brought out the needles (gah) and I have a few good sized bruises from some really tight spots she released. 

I asked her if I should (for the next while anyways) do some more regular visits with her to keep on top of things once I'm all healed up...I was thinking about checking in once every two months to make sure I'm not getting tight in certain areas and opening myself up to injuries's truly been frustrating to not be able to move my body like I want to.  Because she knows my past history, she didn't feel all the craziness that's been happening was actually due to the workouts I was doing (hurray!) but that my bloody rotten desk job was the cause and being hypermobile doesn't help either.  Things were probably starting to show up but I was probably ignoring the signs and pushed things too long (hence why I want to start going for maintenance check ins).  She said that all the clients she has that have the multitude of issues and injuries that I do have desk the cliche goes, it's all connected and tightness in one spot affects another and another and then blammo!  You have a broken ass.  Well hear me now...I'm lucky enough to have a standing desk at work but haven't been using it fully...I now vow to start working my way up to standing at least half the day and working on my posture because yes, I'm a serial sloucher and desk slumper.  Hmmmm...I feel a 2014 goal coming on!  I'm tired of having all these recurring issues and I'm committed to do whatever it takes to get things stay injury and issue-free.

As far as workouts go (no, I won't make you suffer through three weeks of detailed recaps...ha!), I've still been keeping at 'er and doing short runs (now up to 4K), strength work and circuits at home so I won't lose too much fitness.  Sadly, the ladies I was training with at PISE aren't able to continue on for various reasons so I'm a little sad about that, but we did get a book of kickass workouts that I've been using, which has been awesome.  I think if things start looking pretty good, I might start back one day at my other bootcamp and slowly add days until I'm back at it three days a week...I've been missing my good buddy D a lot.

Anyways, there you go.  I'm still alive and kicking, and hoping things are back on track now so I won't be such a stranger.

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Char said...

Your old physio sounds great - like she really knows what she's talking about. I've done a lot of reading lately about desk work and it's all bad so I've been trying to do a lot more of my work standing up and I must say my body feels better for it.