Thursday, August 22, 2013

Foodie at the Finish Line


I think my race volunteering gigs for the rest of the year are set...hurray!  I gotta say, I've really enjoyed the races I volunteered at so far this year and think I'm going to continue this going forward.  It's fun, I get to meet lots of cool people and I'm surrounded by runners...what could be better, I ask?  OK, maybe being surrounded by Chippendale's dancers might be marginally better but it's pretty close.  Hee hee.

So third race of the year is this weekend, Splash of Color, right here in little old Victoria!  It's one of these colour runs that are super popular right now.  I was going to sign up for it but thought nope...this is the Year of Volunteering, and I'm doing the Color Me Rad next year with D anyways so it's all good.  I requested the finish line and because I was the very first little old volunteer, I got my wish so I'll be the crazy little Asian, throwing colours all over the runners.  So excited!

Fourth race is also set as well I think...I got the heads up that I'll be at the finish line for the Goodlife Victoria this year too...I can't tell you how freaking excited I am, and the perfect ending to the Year of Volunteering!  A few months ago I sent an email to the volunteer coordinator at the Goodlife Victoria...I have a friend on the organizing committee so worked that's not what you know but who you know, amirite?!  Anyways, I told her how what happened to me last year made me realize how amazing the volunteers were and that I wanted to give back to the race and, if possible, could I pretty please with sugar on top be at the finish line?  My friend was at a committee meeting last night and said that apparently they all remembered who I was (yep, the infamous 20K collapser, that's me!) and that I'd be at the finish line as requested...squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

So that's it.  It looks like things are all set and I'll truly be Foodie at the Finish Line four times this year.  Four times is the charm, right?  Wink.

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Char said...

You're going to have a blast throwing colour over everyone. And whatever you do - don't pull a throwing muscle.