Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 - Week 32 Recap

Perspective...sometimes that's all you need.  This past weekend I went to Lake Cowichan to hang out with a group of friends I've known forever...met them when I was fifteen at my very first job as a grocery store cashier, so I'm talking close to thirty years here!  We've gone through so much together and seen each other through so many phases of our lives...the crappy teenage years, the just-figuring-shizz-out twenties, the its-finally-getting-better thirties and now the I-think-I've-finally-figured-it-out-forties.  Anyways...Hubs and I went up to hang out with these girlfriends and their spouses, and we had such a great time.  As we hung out on the beach and spent time chatting around the campfire, I thought wow...how lucky am I to have such wonderful friends...like these are the types of friends that I would drop everything for if they needed me. 

Then I got the news.  One of the spouses was missing from the festivities, and I thought it was a bit odd but thought she couldn't make it up for work or something.  Turns out she just got the diagnosis of breast cancer...when I heard that, my stomach dropped.  As we sat around and talked about what was happening (thankfully the men were doing boy talk about RVs and fifth wheels), everyone started talking about their health issues and what was going on with them.  As I sat and listened, I was so thankful that all I was dealing with right now was a broken ass and busted leg.  Yes...ask me a week ago and I was having a pity party and wallowing in pissoffedness, but I'm not dealing with a diagnosis of cancer or other major health problems.  Perspective, right?  Truly, instead of waking up in the morning feeling grumpy or tired, I should be thankful and grateful every single day for what I'm blessed to have.  Yep, gonna do that starting tomorrow along with sending healing vibes to my girlfriend.


Sunday:  3K treadmill run, strength

Monday:  3K treadmill run

Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  3.5K treadmill run, strength
Second injury, grrr.  Talked to Danya and she thinks possibly slightly torn adductor muscle, and gave me some ideas how to deal with it as my physio was away on vaycay. 

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  rest

Saturday: home circuit

Stellar...up until Saturday when we went to the cabin.  What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin.  Heh.

Garden vegetable soup from Alton Brown and Israeli Couscous Salad with Smoked Paprika...the couscous is amazing.  More than amazing actually!  Trust me, try this one, a total winner....I would never steer you wrong when it comes to food.

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Char said...

That really puts your own woes into perspective doesn't it? I'm so sorry for your friend but I hope they've caught it early enough. One of my clients has just been through all of that - mastectomy and chemotherapy. She's now feeling great and life's looking good for her now