Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2013 - Week 33 Recap

Can't hardly wait.  Last two days until Hubs and I are off on vaycay for a week and I'm seriously dying here.  It's been a busy summer and we're looking forward to some time off.  What are we doing?  Mostly stuff around the house and then we're spending a few days in the big smoke (Vancouver) and yes, we're going to some cool new restaurants so we may indulge a wee tiny bit, hee hee.  And maybe some shopping too.  Also using that time off to go pay a visit to my regular physio...we moved offices recently so when I broke my ass, I couldn't get in to see my regular person so booked somewhere else as it's right in the same complex I work in.  Now don't get me wrong...I really like the new physio and think he's awesome, but all physios have different approaches and my regular physio has worked with me for years and got me through the marathon training in one piece and virtually injury free.  I think there must be something going on bigger than all the crazy niggles I've been having issues with (now the right calf that's been bugging me since last December has flared up and is causing me some grief...seriously, when will this end?!) and my regular person has a holistic approach that seems to have worked in the past.  All I want is to get better so I can get back at ' far it's been broken ass, left inner thigh issue, Achilles heel injury, right calf niggle, wayward ribs and my lower back was bugging me because I had a vertebra out....I'm so ready for things to just feel good!  Just gotta say, thank god for "Team Wong" RMT, physio(s) and chiro.


Sunday:  strength work

Monday:  home circuit

Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  2K treadmill run
Back at it after hurting my left inner thigh. Overall felt OK but getting a bit of a pulling feeling at the back of the knee.  Please do NOT be IT band syndrome...

Thursday: rest

Friday:  intervals on stationery bike

Saturday:  3K  treadmill run, strength work

Bang on except one indulgence that I must write about...anyone ever tried the Bavarian mustard pretzels from Starbucks?!  Holy, these things are crazy gave me a crazy stomach ache after I ate it but it was worth it.

Nothing new this week.  Dang.

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