Sunday, January 19, 2014

2014 - Week 3 Recap

Just going to start this post off by saying woohoo, go Seahawks AND go Broncos!  During the NHL strike when I was dying for any kind of sports to watch (no baseball though...blargh I hate baseball), I started to tune into football and am slowly, slowly figuring out football and...dare I say it...I kinda like it.  Shhhhh...don't tell Hubs.  Hee hee.


Sunday:  strength
Slowly, slowly, slowly I'm adding strength back into my workouts and not lifting too heavy to start.  At this point I'm not trying to gain any muscle or really build a ton of strength or anything, but just to maintain my current level of strength right now.  My shoulder is feeling a lot better but I really want to get to the point where my physio is really happy with how I'm doing before I start adding a lot of hoping that if I work hard over the next while and get things under control, I'm thinking about doing some personal training starting in the spring!  Once a week weight sessions just to keep me committed.

Monday:  bootcamp
First bootcamp in the new year!  It was a super rainy and windy morning, but strangely I feel super badass when I'm out there running around in the crappy weather.

Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  treadmill a.m./swim class
Wooohooooo!!  First swim class...I gotta say, I was actually more nervous taking the Olympic weightlifting class than I was swimming.  Weird, hey?  Anyways, I got to the rec centre super early to make sure I got the lay of the land...I'm taking this class by myself so always feel a bit nervous as I don't know what to expect!  I managed to get myself changed and out into the pool was a bit disconcerting because it was SO incredibly busy...zillions of kids taking lessons, so there were lots of parents sitting off to the side watching and people just hanging out in the whirlpool.  I ended up skulking over to the area where people were waiting for the instructor, and managed to strike up a conversation with someone else in the class...whew!  It helped to ease my nerves a bit that I'd made a friend, haha.  There were about ten people in the class, and the instructor split us up according to our level of experience...I've taken lessons before but decided that I just wanted to start from square one and ended up with two other total noobs.  One of the other noobs was a Russian girl who was absolutely terrified...she could barely stick her face in the water without absolutely losing her shit and freaking out.  We started off with just floating, and it was cool because there was one point where she managed to stick her face in and float for just a few seconds...both the instructor and I were cheering her on, and next thing you know, she was floating like nobody's business!  It was cool to see someone who was so terrified make so much progress in just one session. 

Anyways, the first class was floating and gliding, which I was pretty OK with.  I gotta say, it was a ton of fun and I'm so glad I took the step to sign up for lessons.

Thursday:  PISE
Second new thing of the week!  I signed up for a sample class at PISE for a Functional Movement and Mobility class...I was intrigued when I read the course description:

"Already have a solid training routine but feeling a few aches and pains? Functional Movement and Mobility is the key to giving your body the TLC it needs to facilitate recovery and maintain optimal functioning. Our instructor will lead participants through concise and coordinated movements aimed at improving current motor patterns and facilitating an increase in mobility and functional stability."

Hmmm....sounds right up my alley!  I wasn't sure what to expect but the class was awesome.  We did a bunch of dynamic stretches and then lead into a lot of mobility drills and stuff like foam rollering to loosen things up and free up restricted areas.  I felt like a million bucks after the class was over...I decided to sign up because the day after, my shoulder which was ached every day for the last three months, felt absolutely amazing!  I'm not sure how much interest there's been in this class but I hope it's not a "bootcamp" style class but I think people need to pay more attention to this kind of stuff in order to prevent injuries. 

Friday:  circuit
I know...I shoulda gone to bootcamp but my bootcamp buddy D was still sidelined with sickness and I decided to work out in my nice, warm basement.  Yes, I suck.

Saturday:  circuit
Poor Hubs...he's had his share of back troubles this week...he had two ribs out which was locking up his back and causing him so much discomfort!  He decided he didn't want all the jarring from running, so we ended up working out at home...him on the stationery bike and I did a circuit. 

Week two of "free" living has been good...Hubs has been a trooper and is sticking to his new routine no problem, and I've managed to stay totally egg and dairy free this week and I totally feel the difference!  My face (especially under my eyes) and waist were so puffy from the dairy (and sugar) overload I was on during Christmas, and I'm starting to deflate and am feeling really good.  Hubs hasn't noticed much of a difference yet, but I'm hoping that maybe after a month or so when the inflammation has had a chance to settle down, his skin will get better. 

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Char said...

Well done for working on your learn to swim resolution. I probably would have procrastinated but not you - you jumped straight in - metaphorically speaking. You'll be swimming in no time.