Sunday, January 26, 2014

2014 - Week 4 Recap

OK, who the heck came up with a five day work week?  A three day weekend would be just perfect...a day to hang out and do stuff, a day to do chores and errands, and then another day to just get to hang out and chill.  Either that or I need to get myself a wife...ha!  Anyways, I'm slowly getting my mojo back and feeling more spritely than I have in is still busy but I've had a bit more down time so it's helped.


Sunday: strength workout
Wow...that Functional Movement class I did at PISE had made a huge difference with my shoulder!  I think whatever my physio did the last time I saw her really helped to loosen things up, but it just needed that final oomph and I think the class was the piece de resistance.  The next day my shoulder felt like a million bucks with no pain.  I added in a tiny bit more weight with my shoulder exercises and so far, so good. 

Monday: bootcamp

Tuesday: rest
I went to go see my physio and...drumroll please...I'm looking and moving awesome!  I told her about my shoulder and how the areas that have been bugging me have been fine the past few weeks, even though I was in a bit of trouble the last time I saw her and wasn't moving well.  She said I had a tiny bit of tightness in my hips, but otherwise I only needed to see her on an as needed basis now.  Yippppeeeee!  I think the regular visits combined with regular stretching and mobility drills (regular as in every single night) has made all the difference. 

Wednesday: swim class
Second swim class!  So much fun...we graduated from gliding with a floating device to using nothing and kicking our feet.  And I've met some pretty nice people in class, especially my Russian friend.  Last week she was terrified...this week after class she was saying how awesome it was.  So amazing to see!

Thursday: Functional Movement PISE nothing (boo) I had feared, class was cancelled due to low registration.  I emailed PISE because I wanted to give them some feedback on how great I thought the class was, and told them about how the one class made all the difference in my shoulder, and that I'm using those techniques daily.  I wanted them to know that the class was very worthwhile to run, possibly only for a few sessions or as a one time workshop.  Anyways, they were happy to hear how much it had helped me and said they would likely run it as a workshop...hooray!

Friday: bootcamp

Saturday: 10K run
Woohoooo!  First longer run in almost three weeks.  For one reason or another, Hubs and I haven't been able to get outside to run since New Year's Day.  I know!!  A travesty.  It felt great to just get out there and I'm feeling pretty good soreness or pain.

Week Three of "Free" living has been good...we've both been able to stick with our changes, and Hubs is starting to notice a bit of a difference with his skin...yay!  I was looking at his neck the other day and normally it's reddish...this week, the skin colour looked normal and it wasn't dry or flaky but felt smooth.  I truly think this will make a difference in how he feels...we went out for dinner on Saturday night and while he tried to choose items that were "free", sometime things might slip in there and he noticed his skin itching a bit, whereas it wasn't before.  Small successes but it all counts.  Now the big question is...what gluten, egg, nut and dairy free options are there for Superbowl Sunday?!  Hmmm...

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great week. Happy to hear that the eating is working out for you both.
Did you find options for Super Bowl? Have fun!

Warren and I decided that we are going to watch it just cause. We aren't sports fans but since everyone else is we would follow suit and have fun. :)