Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 - Week 5 Recap

Oy vey...watching the Superbowl and while a tiny part of me is kinda happy that the Seahawks are winning, I feel a wee bit bad for Hubs because the Broncos are his boys...and I do kinda like Peyton.  I have that vaguely sinking feeling that I did when I watched the Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup in 2011...argh, must go lie down in the fetal position NOW...still not over it.  Sigh.

Anyways, short and sweet recap this week...


Sunday:  strength
So far, so good...I kept the weights relatively light still and added just a teensy bit more!  Things felt a bit tight after but I made sure I did lots of stretching and mobility and my shoulder and glutes are still feeling OK.  I keep having to remind myself to be patient...I've been off with some sort of injury or another since June, so I need to just GO SLOW.

Monday:  treadmill

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: bootcamp/swim class
Killer bootcamp class with Jason!  It was pouring rain out so we worked out underneath cover of the stadium at one of our was all legs and I was absolutely wiped out for the rest of the day.  Evening was swim class...have now progressed to kicking and stroking with arms!  There are only six sessions so I'm at the halfway point...I'm thinking I'm not going to master breathing or feel comfortable enough going into the deep end, so I'm going to sign up for another few more sessions.

Thursday: rest

Friday: bootcamp

Saturday: 10K run
Still feeling like I'm going through the motions a bit...I've got more of my mojo back, but this run was not one of our most stellar.  Both Hubs and I felt a bit meh...normally when we're running, it goes by relatively quickly...this time it felt like forever until we were done! 


Hubs is doing so awesome, I can't get over it.  No cheats or cravings on the "free" diet, even though I did discover that the cookies that I thought were gluten free, weren't (they were, in my defense, egg and dairy free though).  His skin is looking awesome and he's had another positive side effect...he's dropped some weight!  I was looking at Hubs the other day and noticed that his clothes looked looser and voila...five pounds lost just like that!  I'm sure cutting back all the carbs and reducing the inflammation has helped.

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Char said...

You're doing a great job with your workouts. You really don't have to justify going slow with the strength stuff - not after all the injuries you had last year. Slow is the most sensible thing you can do.