Friday, February 21, 2014

2014 - Week 7 Recap

When it rains, it definitely pours!  These past few months have really been a challenge on the parental dad has had some chronic health issues for years, which unfortunately came to a head at the very end of 2013 resulting in a trip to emergency.  Thankfully things are in control now and he's doing OK but I guess the parent health gods have decided to really test my mettle and my mom is now dealing with health issues which also resulted in a trip to emergency the other night.  After seven and a half hours sitting in emergency with my mom, we were released and she's doing OK so far, thank goodness. We're running tests on her to see where things are at because my mom is also one of those people who never, ever, ever go see the doctor.  Like as in ever.  Soooo, things are complicated to say the least, and me being the only child here in town with her (she speaks almost no English), I've been helping her out with this whole situation as daughter/translator.

So...why am I blabbering on about this?  Well, as you can imagine I'm stressed to the gills...worried about my parents, frustrated because my Chinese sucks (even though it has improved greatly over the past few weeks!) and tired beyond belief.  It was interesting because the one thing that has been my saving grace is see, for me exercise is the one thing that I can guarantee will make me feel better when I'm feeling this way.  It clears my head, gets me outside in the fresh air...just the feeling of putting one foot in front of another is like recharging me somehow and makes me feel like I can handle things far better.   In the days after the issues with my mom started up, all I wanted to do was to get outside and move my body.   I was desperately looking forward to my first bootcamp after my mom's trip to Emergency, and it was weird because I should have been dog tired after class...Jason ran, burpeed and get out of bedded us to death, but I felt so much better after and ready to deal with things.  So I'm posting this to say that I'm so incredibly thankful that I have exercise as part of my life and that it truly is something I'm so grateful for.  And yes, I did put a note in my Jar of Awesomeness about this...hah!

So last week's workouts:

Sunday:  strength
Love strength work day!  Shoulder is feeling good so I bit the bullet and have committed to personal training at PISE!  Yay!  OK, I've committed verbally so it's not fully a done deal...but as soon as I hand over the old credit card, the deal is sealed.  Look out for some posts on how I'm doing with that.

Monday:  rest
Hubs and I made a deal that if we made sure we worked out Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday, we could sleep in on Monday...and sleep in we did.  Ha!

Tuesday:  treadmill

Wednesday:  bootcamp/swimming
More side swimming and have added in rotating from my side to my front...I can only do that for one side though before I start flubbing things up.  So much coordination!

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  bootcamp

Saturday:  10K run
I gotta say...our running has not been at the levels it used to be at in terms of frequency or intensity, but it's all good.  Just getting ourselves out there is the key thing or at least that's what I keep telling myself.  Ha! 

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Char said...

That's so tough to have to deal with all that on top of an already busy life. I hope your parents' health settles soon. And I hope you get time to recover from all the stress and worry and extra hours at the hospital that you've had to put in.