Monday, September 1, 2014

Oh Hi

Anyone out there?

Yep, another long unintended blogging break...every night I would get home and think oh, I should blog tonight, but for some reason I just can't seem to sit down and put the pedal to the medal.  I went for a walk with Kyla from Early Bird Fitness and she said the same's been a busy, busy, busy summer on work and personal fronts, and I've been pretty distracted.  Sorry, peeps.

So what's new with me then?  What have I been up to this summer?  Well, I'm almost at the end of my 18 personal training sessions and I looooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee iiiiiiiitttttt.  Super love it!  I don't know why I waited so long to give it a try...I love strength training and even though I was leery about working one on one with someone, it's been absolutely awesome.  The first little bit of working with a trainer is almost like dating someone new...will I like them?  Will they like me?  Will we get along?  Are we on the same page?  Luckily, things have totally worked out (I've heard nightmare stories that my friends have had with their trainers) and I've definitely made gains in strength and can really see and feel a difference.  I've signed up for another 20 sessions (poor Graham, he's really stuck with me now!!) and then will likely do once a week sessions just to make sure I maintain all the hard earned gains.  Not gonna lie, the workouts are super tough...I really have to push hard to get through some of the exercises and afterwards I look like a drowned rat with my hair plastered to my head and mascara running down my face but man, do I ever feel awesome afterwards!

Swimming.  Let's see...I took a break during the summer because I thought I would go practice on my own, and all I have to say is best laid plans.  I swam once on my own, so am going to sign up again for the beginner level.  I will learn how to swim and make it into the deep end at some point!

Hmm. Now that I'm typing all this, I'm realizing Fall isn't going to be all that slow either!  We've got a trip to Maui coming up in a few weeks (I can hardly wait to go!), a girl's trip to Vegas to celebrate my friend Christine turning 50, busy times at work, a very full workout schedule (bootcamp three mornings, strength training twice a week, running with Hubs one day and swimming lessons once  a week) and lots of busy-ness helping the parental units.  As the saying rest for the wicked, right?  Heh.


Char said...

I've often toyed with the thought of a personal trainer but had a million excuses why I shouldn't. I'm sure you work way harder with one standing over your shoulder making you do 'just one more rep'. It certainly sounds like you're getting a lot out of working with one.

Kyla Beattie said...

I have still yet to get back into writing. I see you are and good for you. I am going to try and make it happen this weekend.

Did you sign up for another lesson in swimming? I signed up for yoga and loving it!

Hope all is well with you. Chat with you soon.