Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scotiabank Vancouver Half - Week 5 Recap

There's something going around these here parts and it's not stopping anytime soon.  It's spreading like wildfire and it's getting to become incredibly contagious...and I love it! 

Lately a lot of people I know have been bitten by the exercise bug and I don't know why, but I just get so excited for them and love, love, love hearing all about it.  In some ways, I'm probably a lot more excited for them than they are because I truly enjoy seeing their progress, hearing how they're doing, or getting excited for them when they reach milestones.  My friend V just recently started working out with a personal trainer, and I tell ya, I practically did the happy dance (actually I think I did do a little chair dance!) when she first told me and we spent the whole time we were together chatting about what she was doing and what her goals were.  As I've said before, I feel very strongly about exercise and healthy eating...while it may not be a panacea for absolutely everything, it will definitely help a lot of things.  I think a piece of why I get so hopped up is because I love seeing people experience what a difference that eating better and exercising can make in their quality of life.  V has been doing this for a month now and already totally feels the difference in her energy levels, her quality of sleep has improved and she's enjoying seeing the scale move down 10 pounds.  In the end, ya gotta help yourself because no one else is gonna do it for you, so I'm so stoked and proud of V that she's making the change. 

Oh this was supposed to be a workout recap, right?  Ha!  I got a little swept away by V's here goes:

Sunday - 30 mins speedwork/weights
Yes!  I got my first bit of speedwork in...I did some fast intervals on the treadmill and then did some weights.  I'm almost done Phase 1 of the NROLFW...I know, taken me forever, right?  I haven't followed it fully since you're supposed to be doing it a minimum of twice a week and I've been doing it only once...but now that the run clinic is done I can fit in another weight session during the week.  I do love the program though and even with the sporadic sessions, I can see and feel a difference in my upper body.  Look out, Linda Hamilton.

Monday - bootcamp
Killer class with J.  See my last entry.  I almost died. 

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - bootcamp
Another killer class with J.  He's teaching Monday and Wednesday again next week and I'm girding my loins to have the snot kicked out of me.

Thursday - run clinic
Last session of the clinic!  We did a bunch of work with the rubber bands and I gotta say...this whole form thing is really, really hard.  I thought I was getting it and I can see glimpses of what I'm supposed to feel and do, but this class I felt like I was back at the beginning again and my body wasn't cooperating with me.  It's a lot to learn in 6 weeks and I'm just going to keep on practicing and trying.  And of course, am for sure signing up for the next level as we were watching the intermediate group just before our class, and they looked great.  Here's hoping Marilyn can make a silk purse out of sow's ear.  Sigh.

Friday - rest day
Poor Hubs....he had a doozer of a cold, and I think I was totally fighting it off.  Thursday I wasn't feeling great so decided that I'd take a rest day on Friday.  Totally the right thing to do, as I felt way better on Saturday.

Saturday - 10K treadmill run
Yup.  I'm a weather was raining cats and dogs and the wind was kicking up so I decided to run on the treadmill.  I totally wasn't in the mood and the couch was beckoning to me, but I had to remind myself that exercise isn't negotiable...I wouldn't skip brushing my teeth or showering, and that's how I look at exercise...and in the end, I had an awesome run.  I never regret working out but always regret jamming!


Amy said...

I get excited when other people get on the exercise wagon too. At my last appointment my hairdresser was telling me how she had started running, and I can't wait to get back this week to see how she is progressing!

Char said...

My middle son has gotten back into exercising regularly. He's been suffering from depression for almost two years and I can say that running a few times a week has done so much for him. He's happier - I can tell when I hear him singing in the shower - and that makes me happier. I think exercise is food for the soul.

Rena said...

It's so true. I see so many more people with personal trainers getting into working out. I've also seen a huge increase in the amount of personal trainers.

Deb said...

I get excited whenever I see people take steps to a healthier life style too. I think it's because I know what an amazing difference it's made for me, and I want everyone to feel that benefit.

lilmeg said...

LOVE the thinking: you don't skip brushing your teeth. I need to remember this. Thanks!