Sunday, February 5, 2012

Year of Speed Scotiabank Vancouver - Week 3 Recap

Plans are made to be broken, right?  Hubs and I always try to plan for a Spring and Fall race to keep us motivated with our training, and we'd decided that BMO Vancouver Half and Goodlife Victoria Half were our target races for this year.  Well...turns out that the BMO Vancouver is the day before we leave to go to Hawaii, and we're flying out at 6am in the morning.  Now normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal...but because we live on an island and early May could still see some storms...we didn't want to risk NOT being able to get back to Victoria on the ferry.  Sooooo...we've decided to add in the Times Colonist 10K race at the end of April, and will do the Scotiabank Vancouver Half at the end of June.  At first I was a bit sad as this is an anniversary year for BMO and they were doing some awesome point to point race this year that took you through Vancouver...but then I'd heard that Scotiabank was also pretty scenic and slightly downhill.  Woohoo!  Even better.  On my ever growing list of to dos is to revise our training plan - I picked up a running book by Hal Higdon the other day on racing 5K and 10Ks, so want to read that first before I put anything together.  In the meantime, we're going to still continue building on our half marathon distance as it'll only help our endurance for the 10K.

Sunday - strength training
*cough*  My bad...skipped speedwork this week too.  *ahem*

Monday - bootcamp

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - 30 minutes treadmill

Thursday - run clinic
I think I'm starting to get what my instructor is talking about now.  This class was kinda the "aha!" moment...she had us running up and down hills using the revised form that she was teaching, and then had us run up and down the hills using our old crappy form...and I could really feel the difference in ease and effort.  Hey, I'll do anything it takes to run faster with less injury, and am already on the waitlist for the intermediate class.

Friday - bootcamp

Saturday - 14K run
OK, I dunno what it is but lately I feel like I'm always much to do but not enough time to get everything I want to get done in a day!  Every night there's something that needs to get done, and important stuff (such as blogging and reading blogs!) has fallen by the wayside.  Le sigh.  Anyways, I was looking forward to Saturday though, because it was just gonna be a me and Hubs kinda day with no chores or errands or any yucky stuff like that to kill our day.  We slept in a bit this week again...but unlike last week, I was kinda excited to get outside because it was supposed to have been a beautiful day, and I wasn't disappointed!  Sunny but cool, it was perfect running weather...just gorgeous.  I tried to keep a fairly quick pace at for the majority of the run, but slowed down at the end and just enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather, breathing in the fresh air and hanging with Hubs. is good.


Nikki said...

Yup Scotia is all flat or downhill (well except for getting up over the bridge). I'm still considering doing BMO but I'll see how my HM next weekend goes first before I sign up for another!

Char said...

Nothing better than going for a run when the weather is perfect. Luckily, it's been stinking hot so I kind of don't mind that I'm sidelined.

As for skipping speed - tisk, tisk! Next week!

Amy said...

Too bad about BMO, but Scotia sounds like a good back up!

Rena said...

It's unfortunate that you couldn't do your planned race. But you get to go to Hawaii!

Deb said...

The race will still be there next year! Hawaii sounds like a good consolation.