Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scotiabank Vancouver Half - Week 6 Recap

Wooooohoooooooooo!  Yeeeeehaaaaaa!   I feel sooooo good right now.  Hubs and I went out this morning to do our long run, and this week we switched it up and did it on Sunday rather than our usual Saturday run (Hubs is working Saturdays this month).  Now I don't know what it was...I've been doing lots of leg work with the NROLFW, and maybe my legs are just stronger?  Maybe it's the killer hill and speedwork that we've been doing in bootcamp with J?  Or...could it have been the five caramel Tim Tams I ate yesterday?   I know, I know...five Tim Tams, Wong?  What up with that?  Well, it was our free day yesterday and I was maybe a little too free with the goodies and couldn't stop myself after one of these delicious goodies.  Anyways, we headed out at around 7am for a 16K trot through the neighbourhood and the weather was absolutely perfect.  Dry, sunny, cold and crisp...I didn't feel tired at all and once I was completely warmed up by around 6K, I felt amazing.  Light on my feet, fresh and full of energy, I blasted through the run with a 5:54/km average split in 1:34:30.  I'm in such a great mood and totally feeling the runner's high today!

Sunday - 30 mins treadmill/weights

Monday - bootcamp

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - bootcamp
Hills and sprints with J.  Still hard but I didn't feel myself wanting to curl up into the fetal position after this one.

Thursday - rest

Friday - 30 mins treadmill, weights
Yowwwza.  This was my last workout on Stage 1 of NROFLW so I upped my weights...and man, am I ever feeling it today!  My legs were super stiff all weekend so I did a fast and hard HIIT bike workout on Saturday to try and ease up some of the soreness.

Saturday - 30 mins HIIT stationery bike


Rena said...

Your long run sounds awesome! I totally think it was those delicious looking things that you had the day before.

Char said...

It's got to be the Tim Tams. I think you'll have to have these the day before every long run. You might have to change up the flavour to see if it's just the caramel ones that work or if all of them do - in the interest of science.

TX Runner Mom said...

Great job on the run! Okay, I've never seen Tim Tams, but they look really yummy!