Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon - Week 14 Recap

OK is it just me or does the full moon affect anyone else?  It's like day I'll feel a bit off...either jittery, sad or irritable which is unusual as I'm normally fairly good tempered (or at least I think I am...hah!).  Inevitably I'll look outside and voila...full moon, shining at me in the face, making me feel crazy.  Sigh.

Woohooo!  So on to taper week.  I can't believe the race is a week away...and it seems crazy to me that a year ago, I was about to run my first marathon!  Time feels like it was just yesterday I was starting all the clinics.  This time, I'm really going to bootcamps, and really take it easy this week except for a couple of very, very easy runs.  At Wednesday's clinic, Jason said to cut activity back this week by half, and even said no bootcamps...argh!  Now I'm not gonna lie...I'm already feeling anxious about not working out, but it makes perfect sense as we all know that you get stronger when you rest so I'm going to resist the urge.  I think Hubs might have to chain me down to stop me!  I know one week won't kill me and if it means I'll hit my goal, rest it is.  The break will probably do me some good...I've been feeling extra tired and a bit sickly again this week, so taking it easy is a good thing. 

So work outs this week:

Sunday:  rest day
After my nasty toe incident the day before, I decided to give myself a day off and not irritate the darn thing. 

Monday: bootcamp
Stubby was still aching, but I went to bootcamp anyways as I'm like that.  Thankfully we didn't do a ton of running, and did more of a circuit which was perfect.

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: clinic in evening
Sob...last speed session before the race.  I actually kinda can't believe I made it that night and lived to tell the tale - a group of people at work got together for dinner Tuesday night and let's just say...the wine flowed quite freely but I managed to somehow resist temptation and not overindulge.  I really wanted to make the last clinic, and luckily (I think!) I had to get up at 4:30am to get to work extra early so it forced me to be a good girl, even though I super didn't want to be.  Ha!   Last speed session was much easier than usual, which was good because I was pretty tuckered out from the previous night's festivities...we did one minute interval of sprinting with one minute of a recovery jog, and did that ten times.  I was so glad to be done by the end as again, I ended up getting stitches on both sides (argh!) and Stubby was really bugging me.  Anyways, all is done now...I'm so glad that I joined the clinic as I never, ever in a million years would have pushed myself as hard as I did, and hopefully that translates to a new PB on Oct 7th!

Thursday:  Mindful Strides Clinic
Double sob....last clinic with Marilyn.  Again, we had a really good of the cool things about doing these clinics is just getting the chance to meet other runners.  Marilyn also announced that she's partnering with MEC and Saucony (she's presently just with Saucony) which is pretty awesome!  It's all pretty neat...Marilyn's turned something that she loves into something that is her career...her love of teaching others how to run properly has really taken off and you can just tell that she loves it.

Friday: 60 minutes stationery bike
Stubby was still bugging me so instead of doing the last long run (10K), I decided to do an hour bike ride while Hubs went out and did a run around the neighbourhood.  I think he's all fired up for this race, and I think he's got a PB in him.  Go Hubs!

Saturday: rest day
Taper time!  And what better way to start it with than a rest day, right? 

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Char said...

Good luck this week. I hope you manage to hold on to your sanity during taper time.