Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life is Too Short

Yeah, I know...the title of this post is such a well worn cliche but it's just so true.  Lately I've been pondering life a lot and where things are leading and for some reason, things always happen that help me refocus on what is truly important in life.  Sometimes we get so caught up in all the crap in life and trying to keep up with the Jones - the big house, the fancy car, the high powered career and all those material things that people seek out - that we forget what's really important in life. 

Take my very good friend V...within a matter of hours, her life changed profoundly.  Her dad passed recently very suddenly which in itself is a tragic thing...but her mom has advanced stage Alzheimer's and is unable to live on her own so she's now living with V and her husband.  I hung out with the family last Friday and that's when I realized I'm so lucky...even though V is incredibly busy with how things are now, she still makes time for me in her life.  And even though life is stressful and things have been rough for her to say the least, V is still smiling, laughing and throwing hugs out to everyone when she could be miserable and making everyone miserable around her.  Her motto?  Life is too short...sometimes life throws you a shitty hand, but everyone has a choice in how they choose to live their life, how they choose to treat others and how they choose to treat themselves.  A very sad event in my BFFs life has just punctuated this and confirmed the two things that I hold most important in life....when I think hard about it, these are the only two things in life that really, truly matter for me.



Amen to that.


Angie said...

It's very true... life is short. The key is to take the reminders that are put in front of us and make the most of all that we have. Family, friends and health sounds good to me!
Love ya sista!

Char said...

V sounds like she's dealing with her new situation with such grace. And your post is such a great reminder about how we can make the best of our circumstances if we change our attitude.