Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 11 - Bonjourno Italy!

Oh what a difference a little bit of extra sleep makes...we got home fairly early from the race yesterday so grabbed a dinner at a little local place (charcuterie plate and salads...I've been missing vegetables immensely!!).  We got back in the room around 8 so we leisurely packed up and lounged around until 10, and didn't have to be up until about 6...luxurious!  today is the first day I haven't felt like  I've been hit by a Mack truck...some of the other travellers are feeling the intensity of the pace for sure, as most of the people are in their late 50s or 60s or so, with a few exceptions.

We got on the road around 8 and we started on the road to Italy...we weren't too far from the border so entered quickly, and watched the scenery roll past.  Travelling by coach is pretty nice and the coach itself is luxurious...pretty comfy seats (a little too slouchy for me but can't complain), air conditioned and even on board wifi!  Awesome.

We stopped off every few hours for bathroom and food breaks.  Now I don't want to sound like I'm complaining because I'm so not, because I've enjoyed every tiny stitch of food that has passed my lips.  However, we eat pretty healthy at home with lots of fruits, veggies and fish, so eating out every day, morning noon and night...well the old stomach is not super happy with me and is starting to rebel.  Of course, I have been indulging a few dietary no nos like dairy and eggs on the trip so mea culpa.  Anyways, on the road to Italy there are these road side has stations that have restaurants in then where you can get food, wine, coffee and a bathroom break.  now these are not anything like the gas stations you get at home...because my stomach is a little upset, I wanted to order something light, so had a fruit salad and shared a salad with Hubs.  Now if this is a hint of the food to come, my inner foodie is already doing a happy dance...the fruit salad was fresh and I could taste fresh lemon on it, and the salad was better than most I've had at home with balls of cheese, big chunks of tomato, capers, olives and anchovies.

Finally after a five hour ride, we got into Venice.  Now this part of Venice looked pretty industrial, but we had to take a water taxi to where our hotel this was the Venice I saw in movies!  We checked in and  met up a few hours later and then on to the piece de resistance, the gondola ride.  Now you couldn't wipe the smile off my face as we glided along the Grand Canal...even my awful upset tummy wasn't enough to distract me.  After the ride we want on to St Marks square, which was also incredible...filled with people and all sorts of activity, we strolled the area for a bit and then took a water taxi back to the hotel.

A few more says of Venice...I need my stomach to feel better stat, too much food to be bad!

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