Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 12 - Venice, I Like You

Day 2 in Venice!  Brief update tonight as I'm exhausted!  Had a bit of a rough night last night....not sure if I ate something or it's just a few weeks of rich food that's done me in, but tummy was NOT happy past night or this morning, but thankfully after a very bland breakfast of dry toast and a half a banana, my tummy seemed to have recovered.  Anyways, two days of not eating much and a horrible headache from not having coffee because my stomach was rejecting pretty much everything, I'm about to drop dead.

So today we went out to a glass blowing factory which was totally cool...the guy was a master who had trained for 40 years and made a horse and a vase on front of our eyes in 10 minutes.  So cool.  we then got to look around the factory where we bought some trinkets and then headed to St Mark's square for a tour of the Doge's Palace.  Opulent for sure and the guide did a good job of giving additional info.  Some people were doing another excursion but Hubs and I decided against it and we went out on our own to get some food and make our way back to the hotel.

Now Venice is as confusing as heck...but with a few hints from the guide that were very useful, we made it home.  I was sooo exhausted, I crashed for an hour long nap and it was 4:30!  We got up and headed out for dinner, hoping to find some hole in the wall place.

We wandered the streets hoping to find a place off the beaten path.  We saw a side street that looked like locals were walking up and down so we headed in that direction and voila! A little restaurant that looked amazing.  my tummy was doing better so I ordered some spaghetti with black squid and a dish of sea bass, and hubs ordered ravioli in a tomato sauce and a dish of black cod and polenta.  Now one thing in wines are very good typically and cheap, so we ordered a half litre as well, which was fantastic.   Dinner was also delicious but we didn't expect the pasta to be as big as it was, as we thought normally Italians have a small plate as a first course and then have their entree.  Anyways it was awesome, but my stomach was bugging me a bit so Huba had to eat almost all my dinner and his as well.  Not that he's complaining.

As we headed back we bumped into some of the other group and got invited to have some wine with them as one of them had bought a bottle.  As we sat sitting on the canal chatting and drinking wine, it was awesome as it was fun to get a chance to get to know the others.  The group is a good mix of people and age ranges. Anyways, off to bed now...last day in Venice tomorrow!

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