Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 15 - I'll Be Back, Florence

Wow...15 days on this trip!  I'm finally getting over the jetlag...actually I don't think it's so much jetlag as it's just being run off our feet, but the last few days have been more leisurely so we've been getting a bit more sleep each night which really really helps.  

So second say in Florence....I'm sad that we are leaving so soon, and actually wish we had had one more day here and once less day in Venice.  Not that I didn't like Venice but I think out of all the cities, it was my least favourite so far, but I absolutely love Florence and would love to come back one day and explore this area a bit more.

Today our travel director took us out for a trip to a leather factory, as that's what Florence is known for...leather and gold. I had had an idea of what kind of jacket I was looking for but sadly, the factory didn't have my size in the one I wanted, and anything else with a similar shape, I couldn't wedge my body into.  It sucks being short and having no waist because when stuff fits my shoulders and chest, it's tight in the hips as most people's hips are lower than mine. Bah!  I ended up trying one in that I would never have looked at (the lady was suggesting all sorts of ones that has way too much hardware) and I kinda liked has a bit more bling than what I would normally wear, but because I normally dress very monochromatic ally, I figured I could get away with some flash for zippers.   And the fit is fits across my man shoulders and fits over my ample tummy and hips, so I went for it after a bit of hemming and hawing.  I know there are many other leather places in Florence but time was of the essence and I didn't want to end up with some of the made in China crap that was out there.

After the leather factory, we went to Santa Croce basilica...I actually got a chill walking in there as it was the resting spot for a few people you may have heard about...Da Vinci, Galileo and Michelangelo.  I just stood there in awe at the monuments and soaked it all in.

After Santa Croce, hubs and I grabbed some lunch at the place where we picked up the wine planned, Hubs had Florentine steak and I had pizza, and we washed it down with a nice glass of brunello.  After our lunch, the waiter gave us a glass of a very delicious moscato, which we promptly bought and have polished off tonight.  It must have no alcohol content because we've pounded back the bottle and neither of us are hammered...hah!

After lunch we checked our the given it's size, I would have thought it was bigger inside, and it was big, but not massive.  Line up was short so we took advantage and went in.  Fairly uneventful.  Also uneventful was dinner, we headed back to the place we went for dinner last night.  I had spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil (something not crazy, stomach has been doing Ok knock on wood) and Hubs has wild boar which was delicious.  We were kicking ourselves after though...Hubs forgot there was a food market where you could get tons of delicious food all for was a foodie's paradise, seriously. us a reason next time right?  And we couldn't fully enjoy it as my tummy seems to be unhappy...right?  Right?!?

on to our last stop of the tour, Rome.  Bye Florence...I'll be back.

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