Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another Clinic!

I am full of learnin' this year, I tell ya!  I was checking out Facebook, and saw that Frontrunners is teaming up with a cooking school called Cook Culture and offering a four part series on nutrition for runners!  Here is a short description of each of the two hour classes (3 recipes demonstrated at each class):

Class 1 - Diet planning, essential foods for 14 weeks of training (for Omnivores, Flexitarians, Vegetarians and Vegans)

Class 2 - Pre/Post run meals and cooking basics

Class 3 - Liquid food, give your body the maximum benefit

Class 4 - Beyond carb loading, taper for peak performance

Sounds totally awesome!  A lot of  runners are foodies (my personal motto is I run so I can eat!) so I think this series is perfect.  The instructor, Cosmo Meens, travelled to the 2008 Beijing Olympics to help support Simon Whitfield and the rest of the triathlete team as their he's gotta know what he's talking about.

So cool.  I registered as soon as I saw it.  Here is the link for anyone in Victoria who might be interested.  So excited!


Rena said...

That sounds so helpful! I eat horribly, and am bad at liquid nutrients thing. I hope you'll do a post on important aspects after the workshop.

Char said...

That would be a great clinic to get to. Pity I live so far away.