Tuesday, January 10, 2012

T Minus Two Days...

...until I take my very first running clinic!  I've been so looking forward to taking the Mindful Strides clinic, and now the day is almost here.  I've never done a clinic before, so I will admit I'm a little nervous...as soon as there is any class type situation, I flash back to high school phys ed classes and always being the last person to come in on the runs.  Will I be left behind?  Will the clinic be full of Boston qualifiers and then me, the slowpoke?!  Luckily Hubs is taking it with me, so I'll have one friendly face!  I'm also a teensy bit excited because we'll get to meet other runners and it's fun to meet people who share common interests.  Yay! 

Taking this clinic is exciting too because it means the start of the 2012 running season for us...woohoo!  I've planned out all our long runs up to the BMO Vancouver and I roughed out what my training schedule is going to be:

Sunday - weights/speedwork
Monday - bootcamp
Tuesday - yoga/rest day
Wednesday - bootcamp or tempo run when it starts getting lighter
Thursday - weights
Friday - bootcamp
Saturday - long run

The bootcamp classes have a lot of hillwork and sprints, so I think it might work well that I keep at those until it gets lighter out and then I can start adding in tempo runs in the morning.  Along with this workout schedule, I have to get back at doing the exercises that my physio prescribed when I was working towards the marathon.  Oh...and stretching.  I've been incredibly bad at doing both since the marathon...I must get back at it! 

Goal - match or better my personal best half marathon of 1:56.  Better dust off the Garmin!  Hello, Year of Speed!


Rena said...

You can totally get a new PR. You have tons of cross training. I can never be motivated enough to cross train.

Char said...

So what if you're the slowest person there (and I'll bet anything that you're not). You're going to learn - not to race. Have fun!