Sunday, January 22, 2012

Year of Speed BMO Vancouver - Week 1 Recap

Snow...a total four letter word to me.  I know, I's so pretty, it's so much fun...yadda yadda yadda.  It's a pain in the butt!  The only day I don't mind snow is Christmas Day and that's it.  Victoria doesn't get a lot of snow so I can't really complain too much, but there is no room for snow in my life...I was completely thwarted from any of my workouts as I couldn't go to bootcamp this week at all (my car is not good in the snow in the slightest and I'd be a hazard to those around me!) or do my long run outdoors, so I feel like I barely did anything this week.  I still worked out, but sitting on a stationery bike is not really the same as a kick ass bootcamp session.  Oh well, enough of my bitching!  This was Week 1 of the road back to the half marathon and first official week of the running season - wooohoo!  I'm getting my head back into it and getting my food back to where it was when I was training for the marathon to make sure I get myself as lean as possible.  December wasn't super kind to me (maybe it was the copious number of lunches and dinners out?! ya think?) so I'm now back fully on the good food train.

Sunday - 30 mins stationery bike/30 mins strength
Day one of getting my hate on for snow.  Ha!  The white stuff started to come down heavy on Saturday so we had to do our long run on the treadmill, and I couldn't get outside to do any speedwork so decided to do a workout on the bike and a lifting session.

Monday - 30 mins treadmill run
Day two of snow hate.  Anger growing.  Couldn't make it to bootcamp, so treadmill run it was.

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - 20 mins stationery bike
Day three of snow hate.  Resentment brewing exponentially.  Every time I walked past the window and saw the snow, I'd curse under my breath and glare angrily at the sky.

Thursday - run clinic
Even in the snow and cold temps, we still had our run clinic!  Like I mentioned previously, there's not a ton of actual running, so it was a lot of standing around and freezing our asses off.  It was awesome though, the balance and stability exercises are now progressing to more exercises which are leading to running drills this week.

Friday - 10K treadmill run
So you know how I just mentioned above that I was getting my food back on track?  Just wanted to qualify that to say that the "no liquor" part of that program is happening after this week.  This weekend was when the annual whisky festival was being held...and...well, I loves my whisky!  My BFF came into town for this auspicious occasion, and we decided that I'd bunk with her Friday and Saturday and we'd do a slumber party with our other BFF, A on Friday eve.  So knowing myself, I just knew I wouldn't get up early to go for a run Saturday morning, so I got up at the ungodly hour of 4:45am to fit in a 10K run on the treadmill.  Yes, it was painful...but it was so great to sleep in on Saturday and enjoy a nice leisurely morning with the gals.  Priorities, right?

Saturday - rest
The only exercise I got Saturday was raising my glass to lips.  Ha!   So many whiskies, so little time.


Char said...

I'm sure that whiskey doesn't even count as alcohol when it's showing. It's medicinal isn't it? Or is that brandy??

Char said...

I meant snowing - can't spell when I'm soussed and I've got no excuse.

Rena said...

Does it help to get leaner while training? How do you lean down?

Deb said...

I hate snow too. Sorry, but I do. You can run in it though, just not if it's slippery.