Thursday, July 19, 2012

By George I Think I've Got It

Great Mindful Strides session...seriously, so awesome!  I think...I think...I've got it!  It's a lot about body awareness, and when we were working on our strides today, Marilyn was happy overall with how we were all keeping our legs under our bodies, and was doing little tweaks here and there but really, just lightly guiding us.  It was even more interesting because just before our session was the beginner's class, and it was so interesting to see what they were doing because really, it wasn't that long ago that we were them.

It's also so amazing that in such a relatively short period of time, we've completely changed our running style...since January, we've done 18 hours (6 sessions for each of the 3 levels) of actual instruction time, and of course lots of time practicing on our runs.  Granted somedays it wasn't all that easy and admittedly there were times when I felt frustrated that I wasn't "getting" it, but I'm so, so glad we stuck with it.  It's actually hard to run like how we used to, and though I'm sure our form isn't perfect, half the battle is just awareness.

I'm a total convert to the Pose Method of running.  Here's a short 3 minute video that describes a bit about the technique:


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Meg said...

Cool! Glad it's working for you!!