Thursday, July 5, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  That Guy
Sigh.  You know how sometimes there's "that guy" in one of your classes that's just a bit of a know it all and you just wanna pinch his little head?  Don't get me wrong, so far I'm loving my Pen Run clinics...I haven't been doing the long runs with the group, but have gone the last two Wednesday night sessions and it's awesome.  Jason kicks some serious ass, and the clinic itself is huge...60 or 70 people in total.  The people are great, everyone is friendly...after a brutal hill workout, people were all high fiving each other...but there's this one irritating dude who insists on acting like the biggest douche of all time.  Loud and obnoxious, he happened to be working out next to me when Jason took us to a park and we were doing some core exercises.  Dude also goes to the same bootcamp we go to but at a later time (note, this is NOT the really nice guy I raced with on my first clinic...he was cool) and was going on about how he was pushing people out of the way at that morning's bootcamp because they were too slow.  Now what I wanted to do was to give him a piece of my mind, but I just looked at him, snorted quietly and ignored him.  Nothing bugs me more than when people act like this...actually what I hate more is when people complain about something incessantly but refuse to do anything to change it, but that's a whole other post.  Ha!  At bootcamp, everyone works at their own pace and what matters is that they're out there trying, and everyone has to start from somewhere, even the most fit person on earth.  Even freaking Jillian Michaels had to start from somewhere, right?  I swear if this idiot ever chooses to go to the early morning session and pushes me or anyone else out of the way, I will roundhouse kick his ass into next week. 

2.  Scary Thing
I was reading Bri's blog and she was posting about doing one thing a day that scares you.  If the saying sounds familiar, it's part of the Lululemon's manifesto...and you know I love me some Lulu.   Now we all get in a rut and sometimes just let life pass us by, and I started thinking about this saying more.  I'm as guilty as anyone of wanting comfort, stability and safety...but now that I've got some of my zing back, I'm trying to think of some "scary" things that will just push me outside of my comfort zone.  The wheels are turning...stay tuned, folks for future posts...and suggestions are welcome...

3.  Gettin' There
Almost completed three weeks of Operation Back At 'Er!  After all the debauchery of the past few months (OK, who are we kidding...the past six months!), I'm back to clean eating and am fully on the exercise train to get ready for what I hope to be a fast Fall half.  Clothes that felt really tight in Chicago are almost comfortable now, so I know things are going in the right direction.  Out of curiosity, I weighed myself for the first time in months...while I definitely had gained weight since the new year, the scale doesn't show much of a change even though I can see and feel a difference.  Whatevs.  Having been a scale junkie before, I never thought I'd ever get to this point, but I honestly don't care what the scale says.  Previously if I didn't like what I saw on the scale I would have been devastated...but this time I actually just thought meh...some clean eating and exercise will get me back on track.  As long as my clothes fi, and I look and feel healthy, athletic and strong, it's all good.  So while I'm happy that I'm getting a little less fluffy and a lot stronger, what I'm even happier about is the shift in how I feel about the might not sound like a big deal, but for me it is.

 So what's my goal if the scale is irrelevant?  I have a cute pair of Club Monaco skinny black pants I bought just before going to Chicago that I could barely squeeze myself into when I started Operation Back At 'Er, and while there is still some muffin top spillage going on, I can actually get them up now without it feeling like I have a tourniquet around my waist.  These have now become my target outfit, so once I can get these suckers done up without cutting off my circulation, I'll be happy.  Gettin' there, slowly but surely.

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