Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon - Week 3

Blah.  I think I'm fighting a bug.  The last few days I've been headachy with vague chills, and the headachy feeling is making my back hurt too....basically I feel like ass.  I'm contemplating not going to the run clinic tomorrow night as I'm feeling extra tired too, so want to give my body a break and hopefully give it a chance to fight these germies off.

Whoa...Week 3! 

Sunday - 12K run
Awesome run!  I posted about this last week...great run, met some more awesome people, and love getting pushed to run faster. 

Monday - 30 min stationery bike
D was having issues with her back so wasn't going to bootcamp, so I decided to jam too and worked out at home instead.  Sunday was a hard run, so decided to give my legs a bit of a break from running.

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - bootcamp in a.m./running clinic in p.m.
Another crazy hill day.  Morning hills were on this incline by our local Rona, and Jason made us run up and down the hill backwards, forwards, sprinting, doing burpees or jump squats up the hill.  I tried to pace myself, but honestly it was hard because Jason is so awesome at pushing you just that little bit extra.  You want to work harder for him!  The hills at the clinic were, to put it bluntly, brutal.  It was a hot, hot night, and the hill was short but pretty darn steep...thankfully we'd been warned to bring lots of water, and everyone heeded the advice.  It was absolutely grueling...500 metres from end to end, and after I finished I had that weird "closing in" feeling, I think due to the heat and exertion.  I walked it off, but as we ran back to the clinic I could feel my calves totally cramping up, similar to what I feel after a hard race.  Unsure if it was due to just pushing so hard or loss of salts/dehydration, I stretched my legs a bit and kind of blew it off.  Not smart, because as I was driving home, my legs started to cramp up in traffic.  Both legs.  Did I mention I drive a standard?  Thankfully, I managed to keep my calves/foot from going into full out cramps as luckily I made it to a light, put my e-brake on and stretched, stretched, stretched.  Crisis averted!

Thursday - Mindful Strides clinic
Ahhh.  This session was focussed on the Alexander technique, so we ended up doing a lot of laying around while Marilyn worked with each of us.  It was awesome!  The night was gorgeous and warm, and I was a little bit tired from the night before so welcomed a more relaxing class.

Friday - rest day
So you know how we folks in Victoria rarely ever get snow?  Well, we rarely ever get thunder and lightning either, but early Friday morning we were woken up by crazy loud claps of thunder and intense lighning!  It went on and on, so D and I checked in with each other because it probably wasn't a great idea to be running around out there in the middle of a lightning storm...as the saying goes, "if it roars, stay indoors!"  I was going to get up and work out, but the bed just called to me far too loudly. 

Saturday - 10K run
Hubs' back was finally feeling better, so we headed out for a jaunt around the hood.  It was a gorgeous morning and I missed running with Hubs so we ran together the whole time...normally we run at our own paces, but it was nice to run at an easy pace and just enjoy the day.  I guess I could have pushed myself, but sometimes it's nice to run just because I love it.


Char said...

Good decision to give the clinic a miss. I hope you're feeling much better soon.

Rena said...

Feel better!