Monday, August 6, 2012

Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon - Week 6 Recap

Ahhh....nothing better than a long weekend to rejuvenate the bones.  I took off an additional day on Friday so had an extra long weekend, and even though I had all intentions to relax, it turned out to be busy but really awesome.  Friday was my Get 'Er Done Day...I had a list of to do's a mile long, and with the exception of a few things, I finished everything on my list including staining the deck and running a billion errands...I was like the Energizer Bunny!  Saturday was the day that Hubs and I set aside to just hang together (saw the Dark Knight Rises - two big thumbs up...hellooooo, Christian Bale!) and Sunday I hung out with my friend B in the morning and then over to a really close friend's for dinner.  Today...well, today was bliss as we finally got a chance to sleep in and recharge my batteries a bit as my body has been feeling pretty tired.  So workouts this week...

Sunday: 30 min stationery bike ride

Monday: 40 min treadmill run D (my bootcamp buddy) is on vaycay this week, so I pretty much blew off all my bootcamp workouts.  I know, I really is a push to have a workout buddy and I'm so grateful for D!

Tuesday: rest day

Wednesday: circuit & HIIT in a.m./hills at home in p.m.
Sigh.  Wednesday was not a great day...I woke up feeling a bit off but got up and did an interval workout that one of my coworkers gave to me called the Spartacus workout...basically it's 40 seconds of an exercise and 20 seconds rest, with 10 exercises in each set (I've linked it for you, juuuust in case you guys are interested!).  Two sets of Spartacus with a 20 minute HIIT session left me absolutely dripping in sweat!  I felt OK at that point, but as I made my way into work I started to get the worst headache and my stomach was doing flip flops and I felt nauseated all day.  I started to feel a bit better later on in the afternoon, but we were going to be doing stairs and track work with the clinic, so I decided to skip as I really didn't want to risk barfing in front of anyone and it was a hot day to boot.  I ended up running a 3K loop and then did the monster hill by my house five was hard and I had no energy in my legs and had to walk a bunch of times, but I did it.  Just barely, but I'm proud of myself that I pushed myself and got it done.

Thursday: rest day

Friday:  25 minute treadmill run
Tired and no mojo.  I had fully intended to do some tempo part of the clinic, I'm supposed to do an hour long run with 3 x 10 minute intervals at goal pace, which for me is 5:15 minutes/km.  I'm actually kinda wondering how I'm going to fit this in with bootcamp as I'm already doing double days and want to make sure I still get at least one rest day in per week.  Anyways...I seriously had full intentions of getting up and doing it as I had Friday off, but I just had no energy when I woke up.  I forced myself to go on the treadmill and made a deal with myself that if I really felt like crap that I could stop, and I made it to 25 minutes and then pulled the plug.

Saturday: 16K run
See, it's so weird.  I wasn't feeling super energetic the past week and had crappy workouts Wednesday and Friday...but Saturday I had a great run!  Go figure.  It was smoking hot out at 7:30 a.m. when we started, but I was able to keep up a pretty good pace for most of it and felt good at the end.  Ahhh....thankfully, it's a new week!

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