Sunday, August 19, 2012

Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon - Week 8 Recap

Blah.  That's all I've got to say about today's long run.  Actually blah is how I've been feeling for the latter part of this week...really tired, and it totally showed today.  As soon as I started running I thought uh oh...this isn't good...the first few kilometres are usually tough ones until I warm up and get into a groove, but it felt extra extra hard today and I never found my mojo.  I'd get a burst of energy every so often and then I'd completely peter out.  Hubs on the other hand, felt great and was running like a rock star!  Happy at least one of us had a good run and some days, it's just not there.

Sunday - 30 mins stationery bike

Monday - bootcamp
Woohoo!  D is back so I went to my first bootcamp in two weeks.  Good thing, as I didn't realize how fast my overall fitness had gone down in two weeks even though I was still working out.  Just means how important strength training is!

Tuesday - rest

Wednesday - run clinic
Couldn't do my usual double workout day as I had to get up at the ungodly hour at 4:30am to get to work extra early.  It's funny, as I was driving in to work I was thinking huh...usually at this time I'm running and doing burpees...and I thought maybe I am a little crazy to get up that early to exercise.  Ha!   Anyways, the evening clinic more than made up for missing fact, if I had worked out in the morning I probably would have really sucked wind...or at least sucked more wind than I did.  It was a hot, hot day...temps hit 30 degrees here in little old Victoria and I was really not looking forward to the run due to the heat and the early morning (even though I had some assistance from some extremely potent high-test coffee).  The hill portion of the workout was in a shaded trail close to the University of Victoria, but it was an extremely hot 2K run to get there so I was already feeling a bit draggy before we even started.  We did two fast loops of the trail...after the first loop I was finding it hard to catch my breath, and after the second time it wasn't any better.  Not my finest  hour!  I was so relieved to be done but not looking forward to the run back...when I got back to the car I realized that we'd been out there running for almost 90 minutes!  My legs were cramping up again...not sure if it was from exertion or dehydration, but note to self to take a salt pill before the next clinic workout.

Thursday - rest
Rest day...but not for long!  Hubs and I have signed up for another session of the advanced Mindful Strides clinic, just so we can really fine tune what we've learned and then we're going to take our training wheels off and just go with it.  We're both feeling really good with how we're doing and marvel at how much fewer aches and pains we've been having, knock on wood.  Gah, just realized I still haven't done any tempo work.  Must get on that!

Friday - bootcamp
Blah.  Just wasn't in it, but thank goodness for D.  I went and felt so much better after we were done!  Reminds me of this poster:

Saturday - 30 mins run we were supposed to do our long run on Saturday, but we jammed out.  When Hubs and I woke up, we were both so tired (him from playing hockey Friday night, me from a long night of cooking) and it was already hot out so we settled for a short workout in our nice cool basement and decided to run on Sunday when the weather forecast was for cooler temps.  Well, it was definitely cooler today even though I still sucked.  Ha!

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Char said...

Even though you were tired you still had a really good week of workouts. The heat can be incredibly draining - I often want to hibernate in summer - so getting them all done earns you a gold star.