Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Do You Love More?

Q&A time!  It's been awhile since I've done one of these...but when I saw it on Janetha's blog, it had to be done, folks.

So.  What do I love more?

1.  Strength training or cardio?
Cardio for sure.  I know strength training is important though, so am really trying to be mindful to not just be a cardio bunny and make sure that I get in some strength work.  When I was training for the marathon last year, I did very little upper body work/strength training and I could feel my arms jiggling when I was running.  It was not a good feeling.

2.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Being a foodie, this was hard for me to choose just one.  It's like asking who's your favourite child, for cryin' out loud!  While I love all three, I would give the advantage to dinner.  Just so many food options, and I love lingering over a good meal with friends. 

3.  Dress up or workout clothes?
Workout clothes hands down!  If I could live in workout clothes (hello, Lululemon and Underarmour!), I so would.  I hate being uncomfortable, and hate anything tight or constricting especially around my waist...and yoga pants are just so comfy.  I do like dressing up and looking nice, but I admit I don't love doing it.  However, I do like shopping for dress clothes.  I know, I have issues.

4.  Wine or beer? about neither?  I don't mind a nice ice cold beer on a cold day or the occasional glass of wine (not really a wine fan, but I'm learning to like it more), but I'm more of a hard liquor drinker.  Fave drinks?  Whiskey, gin and tonic and a nice salty dirty martini with olives.  Mmmmm!

5.  Peanut butter or almond butter?
Peanut butter, hands down!  Love peanut butter in all forms, and if it's a peanut butter and chocolate dessert?  My achilles heel.

6.  Heels or flats?
I love the look of heels, but I cannot...cannot...walk in them, so for me it's flats...flip flops, runners, sandals, flats...I'm all about comfort, and high heels are just so painful.  I'm also a very fast walker, so I haven't quite learned the technique of how to handle heels.  I do have some low heels (2 inches or so) but recently discovered the joy of a good pair of wedges.  I bought a pair of fabulous 3 inch wedge sandals in Chicago and I can actually walk in them and not feel like a dork. 

7.  The actual cake or the frosting?
Frosting.  There, I said it!  I like the frosting!  Sugary, ooey gooey, sickly sweet frosting!!  Hubs usually scrapes the frosting off his cake and I'll go and eat his after I've eaten mine.  I know, gross.

8.  Spring, summer, fall or winter?
This is a real toss-up between summer and winter.  I used to hate summer, but now I loooove the longer days, the sun, the warm weather and summer clothes, namely flip flops and shorts.  On the flip side, I also looooove winter...I love it when it's dark and stormy out, and I'm all cosy inside the house with a nice fire and a good book and a snifter of whiskey in each hand. 

9.  Real animal or stuffed animal?
Real.  One day I'll have my own furbaby!

10.  Bright or light?
This one is referring to colour, and I have to say bright.  I hate pastels, and like bright true colours.

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