Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodlife Victoria Half Marathon - Week 9 Recap

So you know how last week I was feeling like such a bag of poo?  Totally blah?  Well, that continued on for the better part of this week.  I pushed myself to work out, but had to miss my double workout day on Wednesday with Jason and gave myself permission to have a full rest day yesterday and I think it was just the trick that was needed to give some life back to my legs today.  I went to bootcamp this morning, and given that I had done a fairly long run just a few days prior, my legs felt remarkably fresh.  We ended up running a 1K hill that would have killed me last week, and it actually felt relatively easy today.  I felt full of energy and running was glad that I'm getting some life back after feeling like such crap the last while!

Sunday - 12K run
This was the pile of doodie run that I talked about in my last post.  Blah.

Monday - bootcamp

Tuesday - 30 mins stationary bike

Wednesday - rest
Wah.  I had to miss my double workout day due to work commitments, but it probably ended up working out for the best in the long run.  Normally I would have tried to make up the hill work last week, but my BFF was in town and well...I wanted to hang out with her instead.  Ha!  Anyways, I'm feeling pretty good with the hills, which is good timing as we're starting speed work this week.  And no, I still haven't done the 3 x 10 minute tempo sessions we're supposed to do.  Sigh.  Must get on that...six more weeks of clinics and then I face my maker at the Goodlife.  Ack!

Thursday - clinic
Hurray!  Back training with Marilyn.  It's actually pretty cool doing these clinics with her because she inspires me.  She's a cool, fun person...but to hear her talk about running and to know how darn fast she is, is pretty fabulous.  I may have a bit of a girl crush on her.  Just sayin'.

Friday - bootcamp
I need to stretch more...I'm so bad, I know I should do it but I just don't.  My calves have been feeling tight, and I woke up in the middle of the night with an excruciating charley horse that I could still feel on my run Saturday morning.

Saturday - 18K run
We had totally planned to go to a Mindful Strides session at Elk Lake on Saturday but we got up too late and didn't finish our long run in time to meet up with the group.  Basically the session is just putting what we learn in the clinics into use, rather than just doing drills...but we didn't finish until 45 minutes after the start.  Next week for sure!  This was our first run at Elk Lake this year, and I'd forgotten how much I liked it.  It was overall an average run...not super awesome, but not bad either.  Given the way I'd been feeling for the better part of two weeks, I'll take it!

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Char said...

It's so good for your body to get a rest day every so often. Sounds like yours was just at the right time.