Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 - Week 1 Recap

What a brutal week!  It's been a emotional rollercoaster that's just been exhausting...on New Year's Day, I watched my BIL get married to the girl of his dreams (she's an absolute doll - love her!)...I have to say, they are perfectly matched and they absolutely glowed with happiness the entire day.  There was a lot of worrying and fretting as they were getting married on the beach and of course, we were concerned about the weather...but apparently my new SIL has horseshoes, because just as the ceremony was about to start the sun came out!  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was lovely - many emotional speeches filled with love for the couple...this would be the first of many ugly cries this week!

Fast forward to this weekend...E has been one of my closest friends since I was 15, and her MIL passed away from lung cancer just after Christmas.  Then we got the news that a close family friend of Hubs' passed away from thyroid cancer, and both celebrations of life were this weekend.  The family friend's celebration was on Saturday and was amazing - he was a professor at Royal Roads University here in Victoria, and it was amazing to see people from all walks of life come to pay their respects.  I didn't know the fellow who had passed very well at all, but still found myself getting awfully emotional, particularly when his wife said that he said he had nothing else on his bucket list to do.  As sad as it was for him to pass at a fairly young age, I found myself uplifted that this person led such a full life and had no regrets!  Now for today's service, I knew E's MIL fairly well as I would see her at all E's kid's birthdays, so steeled myself for a tough day today and it was.  I cried practically from the moment I sat down...the speeches were incredibly emotional and it broke my heart to see the kids so upset to lose their of the granddaughters got up and led everyone in a few choruses of Amazing that would warm even Ebeneezer Scrooge's heart!  I've probably seen more of my family and friends than I have for years, but its always sad that it takes a wedding or funeral for that to happen.  Sigh.

Anyways, enough on that!  I've vowed to write more this year because it's always so interesting to look back on past posts, so this year I'm going to do a weekly recap of my workouts, new recipes I've tried out, and any progress towards my 2013 goals.  Last year's goals were a bit of a fail, so as always, a little bit of accountability always helps. 


Sunday:  run 6K

Monday:  treadmill run, 45 mins

Tuesday:  rest

Wednesday:  rest
The last of our houseguests left this day, so Hubs and I cleaned for over three hours...we scrubbed this house from top to dust bunny was left unturned.  This counts as exercise, right?  Ha!

Thursday:  PISE HIIT class
Did someone tie a piano to me or something?!  Holy crap was I ever winded this class.  It was likely one of the toughest classes I've had at PISE...I was winded and seriously felt like I was sandbagged the whole time - I'm sure some of the holiday excesses were finally catching up with me.  Kinda not sure now if I'm gonna regret that whole "one chinup" gig!

Friday:  25 min treadmill

Saturday:  30 mins bike, 15 mins treadmill, 10 mins abs
Two minute plank...boooyah!  Goal...three minutes. 


Two new ones this week from "Around the Greek Table" by the Three Sisters...Lemon Chicken and Potatoes (delish) and Greek style roast leg of lamb (also delish). 

I didn't do toooo badly...a few things slipped past my lips that weren't the greatest, but I did get some smoothies in me and overall my food was not bad this week...not bad, but not great.  It was actually pretty easy to say no to stuff because I found myself craving good food.  Now that all the holiday celebrations and dinners are all out of the way, it'll be much easier to  stay on the straight and narrow.


Char said...

That was a really emotional week for you. I hate crying in public but there are some times that I just can't help myself and weddings and funerals are both in that category.

Yes, cleaning definitely counts as exercise.

Char said...
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