Sunday, January 20, 2013

2013 - Week 3 Recap

Hurray!  Hockey is finally back...I've been waiting for this moment for weeks.  I'm a wee bit of a hockey fanatic and I love my little Canuckleheads.  Hubs and I are going to see them play the LA Kings in Vancouver at the beginning of and green, all the way baby...all the way.

Oooh...and I apologize in advance for all this exercise vomit.  I know it's not the most scintillating, but it really helps me stay on track with my goals for the year...49 more weeks to go...hah!


Sunday - 60 mins treadmill run
It was all we could do to fit this workout in, we were so tired...Hubs and I were in Vancouver, so we decided to use gym at the hotel and run on the treadmills.  I way prefer to run outside, but we didn't want to bring a whole ton of running gear with us so treadmills it was.  I had to stop and start a lot as my right knee has been bugging me a bit lately and I'm getting a bit of that pesky foot pain that bothered me a few years ago when I had to stop my marathon training.  Must stretch more...starting up yoga this week so that'll be good for that.

Monday - bootcamp a.m./lower body strength training p.m.
First double day in a long time!  Bootcamp in the morning, and my first strength training class at PISE.  We didn't work with a lot of weight for this class so I wasn't too sore, which was good.

Tuesday - PISE tabata
Last tabata class, sob!  I really like this style of training...short but intense, and a nice change from the regular bootcamps.  Cutie pie trainer was a wee bit cranky though or something because he was riding me like a rented pony during class...OK, I know I may be a bit biased but I always push myself in class and we all have days where we're not feeling quite as energetic, right?  Well I was on the aerodyne bike and was feeling really tired so slowed cycling a second or two before the interval was up...and I got chastised for stopping too soon.  Hmph.  Good thing he's so cute because I sure as heck felt like throwing my water bottle at his head.  Heh.

Wednesday - upper body strength training
Hurray!  Second strength training class and it was all upper body work...bench press, shoulder was awesome!  Like I've mentioned before, I'm fairly weak in my upper body so wasn't working with a whole lot of weight but pretty much as soon as I finished the workout I could feel that I was going to be sore...and I sooooo was.

Thursday - rest

Friday - rest
Yesyesyes...two rest days in a row! There are some horrible colds and flus going around BC right now, and my work has not been least half the office has been sick. Hubs and I were feeling pretty crappy on Wednesday and Thursday, so a couple of rest days were extremely welcome.

Saturday - 6K run
Sigh.  I so didn't feel like running and almost...almost...jammed out.  Normally we do 10K on the weekend, so I made a deal with myself that I still had to run, but we could cut it short and only do 6K.  It took everything I had to finish this run...I was still feeling run down and so tired from being so busy these past few months that I actually walked on a 6K run.  Gah.  It also didn't help that my upper body was so sore from Wednesday's strength workout that all the bouncing up and down while running was super painful.  Ha! 

Lots of new recipes this week!  My BFF is vegan and introduced me to this great vegan cookbook called "Chloe's Kitchen".  I liked the style of this when I first picked it up as the recipes are easy and appealing, so would be a great introductory cookbook for someone who is wants to start eating less meat.  I tried the penne a la vodka, which was good - my first time using "cashew cream" (basically raw cashews blended with water) instead of regular cream, and it's a surprisingly good substitute.  It doesn't have quite the creaminess on the tongue as half and half or something similar would have, but it does smooth out the tartness in the tomato sauce a bit.  I also tried coconut mashed yams with currants (this would be a great Thanksgiving dish) but the piece de resistance was the miso eggplant.  Oh my god, this was delish!  I had to stop myself from hoovering it all up.  Sweet and salty at the same good.

FOOD: I didn't juice at all this past week...dang.  I did eat clean all week however and starting this week off with a bang...already had a veggie/fruit smoothie and been drinking lots of water.  Also must remember to take L-glutamine and a protein shake right after the strength classes this week to help build muscle.

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Char said...

What a great exercise week. You've got all bases covered (except maybe stretching). It makes my training look so lop-sided towards running. And that one hour TM run - I don't know how you do it!