Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Gonna Pump You Up

Wahooo!  First strength training class, done like dinner!  So how was it?  Well, I gotta admit..when I first walked in, I was pretty intimidated.  Like I've said before, I was a terrible athletic specimen growing up, so anytime that I have to exercise or do anything physical where people are around and might see me...well, I get a wee bit nervous.  Flashes of past athletic fails always run through my mind when I start something new.  And at PISE, there's no messing around...there's a lot of awfully fit people around, and lots of guys with muscles ripping all over the place...I've always found the gym environment intimidating, and at first, this was no different.  After we started getting into the exercises, I didn't really notice any of the other people and I realized...if I'm not really paying any attention to them, I'm sure they're not paying any attention to me!  I know it's just going to be a matter of time when I'm as comfy at the gym as I am at bootcamp, running clinics or yoga.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

The class is small which is great...there's only five of us, and our trainer, Josh, seems like he's going to be awesome. He watched us closely and went through a lot of detail on our exercises, and after a brief warm up, he worked through several exercises and really critiqued us on our form.  We didn't use a lot of weight,  so we were really able to make sure our body positioning was perfect and we didn't start getting sloppy because we were tired.  I'm absolutely going to be patient too...I haven't done a lot of weights in the past, so want to let my body get accustomed to things so I don't get injured.  I'm always cautious since I've had a fair share of neck/back issues in the past but I'm confident that working with Josh, I'll build muscle which will hopefully strengthen my upper body and prevent injuries!  Josh also gave us a book where we can keep track of our exercises so we can chart our progress...the schedule sounds like we're going to be doing lower body on Mondays, upper on Wednesdays and a circuit on Fridays (I'm only doing Mondays and Wednesdays). 

I'm soooooo excited to see where the next few months leads me...I love trying something new.  Sooo excited.

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Char said...

Strength is a good addition to your fitness regime. Soon you'll have guns to die for.