Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 - Week 2 Recap

Oopsie...a little late this week, but better late than never!  I am seriously dragging my butt this week...we went to Vancouver this week for a Chinese wedding banquet for my BIL, and while it was fun and I had a great time (read:  I shopped til I dropped at Metrotown), I'm burnt out.  December was an incredibly busy month as always, and so far it's been gogogo in January.  First weekend I'll get to fully relax will be Feb 2nd...and it can't come soon enough.

Oh...and had to mention this...started watching the Biggest Loser and am so excited to see Jillian back!  I know some people don't love her style, but I am all for the tough love...nothing drives me crazier than listening to people complain about their weight or their aches and pains, but are unwilling to do something about it or offer up excuse upon excuse as to why they can't do this or can't do that.  Love Jillian.


Sunday:   treadmill 30 mins, Spartacus 20 mins, 10 mins abs

Monday:  bootcamp

Tuesday:  PISE tabata class
Whew...my arms were just about recovered from last week's tabata class!  My arms were so freaking sore, I joked that Hubs was going to have to feed me.  Last week we did this exercise which was kinda like a modified chin up, where you had to hang from a bar horizontally and pull yourself up.  I fully admit I have chicken arms with virtually no muscle on them, so this was tough and I had crazy DOMS.  It was seriously awesome, I love feeling sore because I know my body is only getting stronger!

Wednesday:  bootcamp

Friday:  bootcamp

Saturday:  rest day
Thank freaking god, a rest day. I truly did nothing but exercised my shopping muscle.  Ha!


Shakshuka from "Jerusalem" by Yotam Ottolenghi...a very easy to make and healthy dish of eggs poached in a tomato sauce.  I've tried a different recipe before and it was OK, but this one was much better as I used fresh tomatoes and cooked it down into a sauce.  Yum...a hit with Hubs too.


Overall my eating was pretty darn good this week!  I still subscribe to the cheat day method, so Saturday was our day and we made full use of it....we had breakfast at this amazing place called Cafe Medina, which is sister restaurant to Chambar, a very popular and well known restaurant in Vancouver.  I had an amazing dish which was a breakfast take on cassoulet...eggs on top of a tomato bean mixture with chorizo sausage and pork belly.  Yup, when I do do cheat day, I go all the way.  Anyways, my food was pretty clean this week but I didn't juice as much as I wanted to...gonna fix that tomorrow and make sure I get some smoothies in this week.

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Char said...

I hate people that make excuses too. Yeah sure your life may be tough but whose isn't and that's no reason to sit on the couch all day stuffing your face. Certainly obesity doesn't make anyone's like easier. Sometimes they need a little less mollycoddling and more of 'tell it like it is'.