Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 - Week 11 Recap

Sigh.  Hubs and I had a bit of a bummer day yesterday...his mom had emailed to tell us that his uncle was in the hospital, so we decided to go pay him a quick visit.  As we walked in, we could just tell something wasn't quite right.  I guess things hadn't really gone as planned and his uncle would need to be on a ventilator for the rest of his life so he decided that he wanted them to pull the plug and let him go peacefully.  We arrived a few hours after the doctor had unattached him from all life support and they were just waiting for him to, so awful to see family members go through this, I just can't even tell you.  So far he's hung on a lot longer than they expected (they thought he would pass a few hours after being removed) but we received an update that he's getting weaker.  The whole time we were in ICU, I just kept thinking that stuff like this just makes me even more determined to stay as healthy as I possibly can...I know eating properly and exercising is not a guarantee of good health because sometimes you get dealt a shitty hand in life no matter what you do...but I'm not doing anything to help things along in that regard.  And Hubs...well, recently he had some bloodwork done and his results weren't great...his cholesterol and blood sugars were a bit high, and at first when I heard I was so upset and so pissed off at myself that I hadn't tried harder.  Unfortunately Hubs has drawn the poor genetics card in life...diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer all run in his family...and even though we eat way, way, way healthier than we ever have, it still hasn't been enough to get his numbers in line. 

Well, no more!  Now anyone who knows me well knows that I'm a determined little Asian lady, if nothing I bought myself a whack of books and I'm on a mission.  We're on Week Two of a revamped diet...I'm now keeping a really close eye on our fat, cholesterol, fibre, sugar and sodium intake.    It's going to take a bit of getting used to and a lot more creativity in the kitchen but Hubs is worth it...I've become a wee bit fond of him over the past 21 years (wow, crazy seeing that number!) and would like to keep him around as long as possible.  It's actually been kinda cool so far because we've already discovered some new foods (steelhead delish!) and recipes that we'd never would have tried before.  And eating clean is good for me a win/win all around!

OK, enough of that depressing stuff.  What the heck did I get up to this week?


Sunday:  rest

Monday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE upper body strength p.m.
OMG.  Seriously, whoever the brilliant person is who came up with daylight savings...I curse you and your future progeny.  I could barely get up Monday morning and my legs felt like they were full of lead...I think my body was rebelling and saying to me "hey, WTF lady?!  It's bad enough you get us up at 5am to go exercise but 4am?  Are you crazy?!  I'll fix you..."  Thankfully, by the time evening class rolled around I managed to wake myself up and had a good session.

Tuesday: yoga
Lookit!  I finally managed to make my way to a yoga class!  Go me!

Wednesday:  PISE lower body strength
Waaaaah...I had to miss a Jason class because I had to be at work at an ungodly hour...but it turned out OK because I was able to leave work early.  It was a bit of a tough morning because the time change was still kicking my it just me, or is it the older you get, the more you feel it?  Anyways, I was sorely tempted to crack open that Red Bull I had in my desk, but ended up having  three coffees, a green tea and two Excedrin to kill a  horrible headache I had.   By the time I left work I think all the caffeine kicked in and I was seriously like the Energizer Bunny.  I had this incredible burst of energy so I raced home, did a frenzied cleaning of the entire house, and then raced to PISE for class.  New deadlift milestone reached...20% over my bodyweight...woohooo!  I'm sure the caffeine fueled craze was a significant factor, hee hee. 

Thursday:  rest

Friday:  bootcamp
Another cross fit style class.  I like it.

Saturday: 60 mins treadmill
Hubs had a bit of a sore knee so he did the exercise bike while I ran on the treadmill.  Now normally we would be bored to tears working out for this long in our exercise room, but lately we've become madly addicted to the TV series Homeland so to tempt us to work out longer, we threw in a couple of episodes and time just flew by.  Whatever it takes, man...whatever it takes.

An awesome food week - super clean eating and nothing bad slipped past these lips.  Success!

Mahi mahi fish tacos and Asian Udon Noodle soup from Rose Reisman. 


Karyn said...

So sorry to read about the sadness in your life right now, saying goodbye to someone you care about is never easy…
On a happier note, great work on the revamped diet and healthy eating. Even when I set out to eat well all week, something sugary-sweet invariably sneaks past my lips.

Char said...

I'm so sorry about your Uncle. That's a really tough decision but I totally understand it.

And I'm with you on the looking after yourself thing. I was watching our Biggest Loser last night and they were talking about biological age vs chronological age. Most of the contestants weren't expected to live over 70 but it wasn't that figure that was most shocking. It was the fact that they would have up to 30 years battling health issues before they died that was so confronting. I've had my little run in with health issues and that's made me even more determined to do what I can, with what I've got to stay as healthy as possible.