Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 - Week 9 Recap

ZOMG...I have no idea how I'm managing to type this right now so last week's recap is going to be short and sweet.  Not sure what the difference was but for some reason I found tonight's upper body workout super duper crazy insanely hard even though for the most part I used the same weight as last week.  I did go up in the bench press again (yay!) but not by a crazy amount so not sure what's up...guess some days you just have way less energy than others.  Seriously, my arms are still shaking and I could barely make dinner...I had to toss some pasta and I had to stop halfway through because my arms are so tired...ha!  I feel some serious DOMS in my near future.


Sunday:  10K run

Monday:  treadmill 45 mins a.m./PISE upper body strength
I jammed on bootcamp in the morning because it was sideways raining with a crazy windstorm out and bootcamp was scheduled to be at a beach by the ocean...I may be dedicated but I'm not insane.

Tuesday:  rest 
Bah...missed yoga again as I had a strata council meeting...going this week for sure.

Wednesday:  bootcamp a.m./PISE lower body strength

Thursday:  rest 

Friday:  bootcamp

Saturday:  rest
Off to Vancouver to do my favourite, shop, watch hockey and hang with Hubs.

Fabulous...not because it was super healthy, but because I went to the Black Hat with coworkers for Dine Around and had a really awesome dinner at Chambar on Saturday night with Hubs.  I'm all about healthy eating, but sometimes you just have to feed your soul, right?

OK, off to bed as I can barely keep my eyes open...nighty night, kids!

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Char said...

You've really worked hard if tossing salad is too difficult. I hope the DOMS doesn't last too long.